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Help with syns

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emmaluvseeyore Mon 22-Jun-15 10:44:04

I started SW online 10 weeks ago now with a starting weight of 130 kg. I have lost 8.2 kg now which I am really happy with, but had a question about syns.

I know we are allowed 5-15 syns per day, but is it better to use that amount or try and limit it? I have found that most days I actually have less than 5 syns, but it isn't because I am depriving myself of luxuries. I just don't fancy eating things like chocolate. I am snacking on fruit and ham which tends to satisfy my cravings. I haven't been hungry at all as I fill up on free foods.

My partner is doing SW too, but he has less to lose than me (he started at 88 kg I think). He often has at least 10 syns per day, but he has lost over 10 kg now. I know men tend to lose weight quicker than women, but it does make me wonder whether I should be eating more syns.

canny1234 Mon 22-Jun-15 11:08:31

I think we're allowed to have Syns so we don't feel deprived.I need some Syns for Yakult ( helps with IBS) ,Lactose free yoghurt and cheese ( as these are not fat free).Also the occasional spoon of the kids Nutella when I'm craving something sweet.If you're not craving anything and you're well able to stick to the diet long-term without Syns - well carry on.You are going to lose weight faster than the rest of us.

I often find myself trailing round town or McDonald's with kids in tow and have found myself learning about the healthiest alternatives for snacks.Boots Sushi is relatively low in Syns as is a Grilled Chicken salad at Mcdonalds.I also had to opt for the best alternatives at an airport and wedding recently and Syns allowed me to do that.

Crouchendmumoftwo Mon 22-Jun-15 12:44:36

Basically syns are their to stop people feeling guilty and as treats. But it's common sense really isnt it - eating sugar is going to slow down weight loss so the less syns you have the faster you will lose.

I try not to have any syns at all if i can help it. But then I was out x 3 last week and I found it unavoidable and then I have a taste for my husbands pudding and a couple of chips yesterday! But if you can avoid them do, there is no point eating sugar/fat/carb for the sake of it. Ive lost 2.5 stone so far since Jan and have moved from a size 14 clothes to a size 10!

emmaluvseeyore Mon 22-Jun-15 13:46:42

Why is it that SW suggest between 5 and 15 syns, rather than just saying up to 15? I wondered whether there was a nutritional reason why we should have at least 5? As an online member it can be hard to ask questions about this sort of thing! I guess group members just ask their group leader.

Spamminit Mon 22-Jun-15 13:53:00

I always eat syns, I have always been one for chocolate and I love real butter on toast. So my syns go on things like butter, oil in cooking, and the occasional piece of chocolate.

I do notice a big difference in my losses when I have chocolate and bits like that though. I always lose more when I have snacked on fruit and 10 cal jellies etc rather than using my syns on crap.

I think you just have to find a syn amount that works for you. I generally can eat my 15 syns most days and still lose but I imagine that is because my diet was so appalling before.

MisForMumNotMaid Mon 22-Jun-15 17:45:41

At the end of the day excess calories are excess calories. If you snack on ham and fruit because its habit or you're a bit bored then the calories are still in addition to your basic need.

If you were to eat three meals, a few mullers, lotsof fruit and snacks of maybe hard boiled eggs, cooked meats etc you wouldn't lose but on the surface you'd be on plan.

I have generally used around 5 syns. I've lost five stone and i'm at a temporary target till after the summer hols.

Now I try to rationalise snacks. Am I about to reach for a muller and an apple because I fancy a bit of chocolate? Will i still have the chocolate (and syn it) anyway? I feel its better to eat a bit of the thing you fancy, enjoy and syn rather than be ultra good 0 syns but eat more than your basic food need. If you're sticking to free foods maybe you could end up feeling a bit deprived. Once you start to feel you're being deprived its far easier to fall off plan.

shoofly Mon 22-Jun-15 17:54:31

Our consultant said that really it's 5 -15 because syns are part of the plan and you should really be eating the 5 a day. You don't need to have the 15, but you should have the 5

Crouchendmumoftwo Mon 22-Jun-15 21:25:20

I dont believe you have the 5 as it is still excess and if you can avoid it do. it is adding to your cals and will mathmatically slow down your progress. However we are all human and if you really do need something that is a syn go for it, it takes the guilt out of it. I found myself stuff a bit of swiss roll in my mouth as it made its way off my daughters plate in to the bin today!

I think they say that to make it the plan sound more attractive and doable but the reality is is that is is extra calories and there is no denying it. If Im brutally honest, I actually have to work Slimmers World a different way as I would not lose on the plan the way I have. So for me I have very little carbs just porridge. I do not have pasta or potatoes (rarely) I might have a couple of slices of brown bread in the week and some rye thins. But I do not believe i could lose now eating all the carbs and syns. I did at the beginning but now it is getting harder to lose weight and it makes sense not to eat as many carbs now.

Also I would disagree with the have a bit of chocolate instead of an apple as a treat, for me anyway. I eat a lot of apples but if i had a bit of chocolate it would be a serious downhill sticky slope for me as I would start eating chocolate again. I have a serious sugar addiction so I have to cut out all added sugar. I stopped it in my tea etc, there is no way I could eat chocolate even one square as it would give me the taste again and make me start eating massive amounts of it so I HAVE to stick to apples or I will be masssohissive again. Everyone has there own way of doing things and I have changed over the 6 months i have been doing it. Ive just had an addiction to Marmite and rye thins I was doing one big squeezy jar a week! Salt - I love it.

Buttwing Mon 22-Jun-15 21:56:05

I have lost 3 stone and need to lose 2 more to get to my target of 9lb 10. I have to have syns because I'm going to be doing sw for at least a year and it's unrealistic to deny myself for that long. Totally agree that if you can mange without great, but if I try to not have syns I end up binging and messing up the whole week.

puddleduck16 Tue 23-Jun-15 22:05:47

We were told that the syns are for nutritional value as you may go all day fat free and your body does need some (the leaders explanation was more in depth but that's what I took from it). But also for mental value too so you don't feel too deprived.
Nothing to do with slimming world but did anyone see the programme the truth about fat on bbc? They had volunteers go completely fat free ( barring skimmed milk) for a week. And the effects on the body were awful.

TalcumMucker Thu 25-Jun-15 12:24:40

Our group consultant says that the 5 syns minimum isn't just so you don't feel deprived, your body needs some sugar/fat each day to keep things ticking along, just like the HExA is for your calcium and your HExB is your fibre. It's looking at the plan as a whole, giving your body what it needs each day.

I'm 4 stones down in 6 months (into the healthy weight range for my height now, just 8 lbs to go until my target) and have at least 10 syns each day.

LeLee3980 Thu 25-Jun-15 12:43:07

I have always have all my syns and use it for like mayo, other sauces, a biscuit, proper sugar in tea. Not to mention Friday/Saturday night glass of wine!!!!! Iv lost 6.5lb in first 2 weeks and my group leader says its best to eat the syns as your body needs them in order to help you lose the weight and remain healthy.

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