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Easy foods shopping list

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LuckyAugust Fri 19-Jun-15 06:32:20

So after doing weightwatchers for 3 months I've realised I am miserable with eating the same hamster sized portions of food and having to use a huge amount of my points allowance for my favourite sunday dinner. I've decided on a switch to slimming world- I can't afford to join a group but have managed to buy the shopping directory and free foods book from ebaby but until they arrive I could do with some shopping help. I'm not great at cooking every meal from scratch so often rely on things such as chicken or fish in sauce, savoury rice, pasta in sauce, etc -generally easy foods. I suspect extra easy hasn't changed that much since I last did it (about 3 years ago) but I can't remember if these were free foods. Can anyone give me any brands or ideas for things which are ok to eat and require minimal effort on rushing about days? x

holdingontight Fri 19-Jun-15 08:21:17

I keep a couple of the ready meals from Iceland for emergency days.

I think EE has been made deadlier to follow - at least 1/3 plate green veg/salad. I don't get on with fruit for breakfast but like beans and toast with mushrooms and tomatoes. HB eggs or frittata / quiche also great for easy snacks.
If you're not cooking from scratch I think it's harder so could you maybe make dome thing you like - chilli etc - and freeze?

I've even doing the diet coke chicken on days when I need it to be love it too!

Good luck smilesmile

Tinwe Fri 19-Jun-15 12:20:04

I'm looking for just the same thing Lucky. A list of all the syn free foods that you can grab to make a meal/snack without cooking from fresh. The things you find out about after a few weeks and think "I wish I'd known about this from the start!", pasta in sauce, Heinz baked beans, Alpen bars etc Not found anything yet.

emmaluvseeyore Fri 19-Jun-15 13:44:25

I doubt you will be able to find any ready made sauces that are syn free - all the jar sauces etc are packed full of sugar. Why not spend some time on the weekend making a load of pasta sauce and freezing it in portions? It would only take around 30 minutes or so.

I tend to snack on ham. I also make sure I always have lots of eggs at home as you can rustle up and omelette quickly.

BlueberryMuffins76 Fri 19-Jun-15 15:44:05

Bachelor's cheese and broccoli pasta in sauce is free - I have it with extra spinach/peas/mushrooms when I want a quick lunch. Asda brand chickpea Dahl is free and tasty and can be used to make a loaf with savoury rice which lasts a couple of days. Omelettes and frittata are my go to for when I want something quick, or cous cous salad and ready cooked chicken/ham/turkey. The iceland meals are ok but you'll need extra veg with them. 1% mugshots are free too.

Theres a 5 min recipe book and also the Fakeaway book, both of which have super quick and easy things in. Burger in a bowl takes literally minutes to make!

LakeFlyPie Fri 19-Jun-15 19:09:21

A good tip I got from a woman who had lost 9st on SW was to roast some chicken drumsticks / thighs and keep them in the fridge for quick and filling snack (skinless obv). V filling as a snack and free.

MisForMumNotMaid Fri 19-Jun-15 21:56:47

If you search on pinterest you can find lists of low syn branded foods.

1% Mug shots are a good incase of emergency as are muller light yogurts.

As previously mentioned precooking batches of chicken to snack on is handy. I buy a 1kg bag of frozen fillets, cut them into chicken nugget sizes toss in cajun spices and lemon juice and bake covered in foil. I then freeze in bags of about three. They defrost in the microwave in less than a minute.

jacket potatoes are a good one loaded with cottage cheese, prawns, smoked salmon, baked beans.

Scrambled eggs on wholemeal bread, baked beans on wholemeal toast, all day breakfast using bacon medalions, chopped canned potatos, mushrooms, tomato, egg.

I do a very simple pasta sauce that i freeze consisting of onion, garlic, passata, herbs, veg stock. Cooked to thicken. Sometimes i serve it with a good pinch of chilli but its easy to defrost and toss some pasta in for a light near instant filling meal.

LuckyAugust Fri 19-Jun-15 22:02:41

Thanks everyone, some great ideas here smile

Tinwe Tue 07-Jul-15 12:57:27

Yes, thanks everyone! Just rereading this now I'm a few weeks in and wanting inspiration grin

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