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Weight loss whilst having medical issues!! Help!!

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bossboggle Sun 14-Jun-15 22:28:45

Hi guys!! I need to get rid of some weight, about 2 stones or so. I am being tested to see if I am diabetic, my sugars are 10.7. I also have IBS. My GP has asked me not to make any changes to my diet for the moment. I exercise (walking) a fair bit as I have dogs so they need to go out!! I have no idea where to post this question for answers but I would seriously appreciate any feedback of any kind as to how I can lose the weight without messing up my metabolism too much as I need to be okay as I'm a full time carer to my disabled adult daughter. Thanks guys!!

emmaluvseeyore Mon 15-Jun-15 10:39:53

Not a doctor here, but I would hold off doing anything until the GP says it is ok.

Both my parents are diabetic and are sort of doing SW at the moment. They aren't keeping track of syns, just eating better, but have cut down on bread and dairy. The main issue with SW and diabetes is that a lot of the fat free/low fat options have more sugar in them than the normal versions (e.g. mayo). So they tend to stick with the normal version and just have less of it. They aren't registered with a group or doing it online - my mum just knows about SW as she has done it before. I am an online member and she has my log-in details so she can get access to the recipes. If you do join, I know you can tell the online version if you have certain medical issues (diabetes definitely), and I think it will then tailor the plan to you. You may be able to do the same with the group membership, but I don't know.

annielostit Mon 15-Jun-15 14:45:31
Try here.

bossboggle Mon 15-Jun-15 19:19:53

Not a member of slimming world so can't use this but thanks.

annielostit Tue 16-Jun-15 07:25:12

If you google slimming world diabetic it will come up.

canny1234 Wed 17-Jun-15 13:14:05

I Have recently started slimming world and have IBS.I follow the Fodmap diet which restricts certain fruit and vegetables but still leaves me plenty to choose from.I think the diet is pretty suitable for diabetics but maybe have smaller portions of fruit and have protein with the fruit to reduce high sugar levels.I've managed to calm down my IBS by taking regular Probiotics as well.We have a member who has markedly improved her blood sugars and reduced her dependence on diabetic drugs after losing some weight on the slimming world diet.Its possible to follow without having low fat options .I have Lactose free alternatives like Alpro soya yoghurt and Lactofree soft cheese - none of which are low-fat.

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