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Dieting/ healthy eating but not losing weight.

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Dowser Thu 11-Jun-15 09:58:53

Started my diet on Jan 1 s and I don't feel like I have lost anything. I vaguely follow a SW menu as I'm a meat eater.

Like another poster I don't have wheat, dairy and six weeks ago I gave up sugar .

My typical days menu is this

Breakfast is a two egg omelette with onion cooked in coconut oil

Lunch a home made veg soup

Dinner..protein, veg and some carb. Usually sweet potato or whole grain rice

Snack 1 apple and or a few walnuts

Drinks are fruit tea infusions or water.

Once or twice a week I have a small gin and tonic.

I only wanted to lose half a stone. I can't exercise apart from going for a walk when the weather is nice as I have issues with fatigue.

It's 3 months to my main wedding and 4 weeks to my civil ceremony.

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