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slimming world pen pal?

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Hayhaykins Wed 03-Jun-15 14:11:23

Hey ladies.

I'm looking for a weight loss buddy via email. Someone I can chat with about weight loss, support, tips.

I have people that support me but no one that really understands. Just wanting a friend who gets me when I'm Down. I'd love to help someone with their weight loss journey to.

Little bit about me. I'm 25, live in Coventry. Mother to my little 9 month old girl. I'm currently 17st 7lbs and seriously don't want to be that anymore.

If anyone's interested drop me a message smile

Thanks , Hayley

ThedementedPenguin Sat 06-Jun-15 23:07:13

Hi I would be your buddy, although if your on Facebook it would be easier for me.

I'm 24 (25 on the 13th). I have nearly 4 stone to lose and am 5.5lbs down so far

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