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Ideas please

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XinaW Wed 27-May-15 03:45:44

Hi, I know this sounds wingey but I really need some ideas.

I need to lose about a stone and a half and am joining SW soon. But...I genuinely have no reason to keep at it and am worried I'll find it impossible to keep at.

I am a very long time singleton so don't have any support at home, I have no friends or colleagues that would be there for me as my work isn't like that and I have been a FT working single parent for so long that I don't have a social life. I don't go to parties so don't have an occasion to do this for. I just need to lose weight before I hit 50 and get back into my clothes and I can't see this being enough to sustain me.

I need to exercise too but my will power is lousy as I am so unfit and find it all so hard. There is a local gym but again no proper support and I am just finding motivation an issue these days.

With nothing but me to do this for, I really could do with some ideas to help with the motivation. Anyone got any?

annielostit Wed 27-May-15 09:44:26

Hi xina, come and join the sw diaries thread.
There's no such thing as will power its just motivation.
You need to focus on what you have not what you have not.
You got nice kids, yes? I've not got 'friends' don't work, but have a son & oh. I got 1 stoned I'd like to get rid of as well.
Start with a basic food plan that works for you. Then get the little ones into trainers and go for a walk. 15 minutes there, then you got to walk 15 minutes back. Half hour exercise done! Look up your gym, speak to a trainer. Get a little programme and structure into your life - for you and no one else.there's people at the gym too.x

KatharineClifton Wed 27-May-15 14:01:53

The support you will need you will get from the group - that is the main point of going every week. Just make sure you stay for the whole sessions. You don't have to exercise - many do as it makes them feel good - but you don't have to exercise for SW and weight loss.

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