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I'm gaining weight every week! Help!

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Doubtfuldaphne Sun 24-May-15 21:49:33

I'm so confused. My first week I lost 7lbs and the next week I gained 1/2lb.
I'm nearly due to go back and going by my scales I've gained again.
I don't understand why it's not working. My consultant looked through my food diary and said it looked spot on.
I'm wondering if I should just give up and stick to calorie counting. Does it just not work for some people?

greygreybeige Sun 24-May-15 22:02:38

Bumping for you. Slimming world didn't give me immediate results, I followed it to the letter for 3 weeks and didn't lose any weight. Was advised to carry on as it might take my body a while to adapt but I didn't. I find calorie counting with MFP is the best for me.

However, you did lose 7 pounds in the first week - well done! - so not directly comparable to my experience.

Not that I am in any way an expert but I truly advocate the idea of healthy eating rather than dieting and slimming world is certainly a great example of that, calorie counting can lead me to eat a very unhealthy diet at times.

You're only 3 weeks in so it's early days, if you like the plan then perhaps stick with it a little longer smile I personally know a lot of people with truly remarkable weight losses with slimming world who have all kept most of the weight off for a long time.

Pottypourpianos Sun 24-May-15 22:07:51

Are you on any medication? That can rely affect weight loss - even innocuous stuff like cortisol for chronic sinusitis! Second - are you sleeping well? Chronic sleep shortages can lead to unexpected weight gain.... confused

AlpacaMyBags Sun 24-May-15 22:38:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Doubtfuldaphne Sun 24-May-15 22:40:31

I'm not on any medication but also follow a different diet to try and control my Ibs. I am nearly always tired and especially over the last few days. I had no idea that can contribute to weight!
I have to say since slimming world my Ibs has also been really bad but I'm thinking it's too early to say.. It might help in the long run.

Doubtfuldaphne Sun 24-May-15 22:41:55

I'm eating tiny portions too!

greygreybeige Sun 24-May-15 22:59:25

If I were you I would continue for a couple more weeks, at the moment it's too early to conclusively say whether it is/isn't or will/won't work for you. I say this purely because of all the amazing success stories I have seen first hand from slimming world (even though calorie counting works better for me!).

Any change in diet can affect ibs (I have it too, I sympathise) so it may not be slimming world specifically that has triggered a bad bout, just the fact that you've changed your eating habits iyswim.

Doubtfuldaphne Sun 24-May-15 23:08:31

I think because I've stopped eating bread and much less of the sugar my body's just adjusting. I have just been on myfitnesspal and found I'm eating around 1400 a day now. Much much less than before.

greygreybeige Sun 24-May-15 23:24:36

My ibs triggers when I start eating less too.

Fwiw, I know someone that lost 5 stone on slimming world and every now and again they would enter their food intake into MFP out of interest and they were very often eating more than 2000 calories a day but still losing weight steadily smile

Do you cook a lot? There are some amazing slimming world recipes that I use all the time, dieting or not, as they are so tasty. Very much trial and error though as I've also had some bad experiences!

What's your group like? Do you find it helpful to stay after being weighed?

Doubtfuldaphne Mon 25-May-15 08:28:15

That's interesting that your Ibs flares up if you don't eat enough. It was really worrying me.
I always cook from scratch, I am enjoying trying new foods. I had one disaster last week but DH said it was nice at least!
I love to hear the success stories, it does work for a lot of people. Maybe I should give it more time.
My group is so enormous it takes two hours to get everyone weighed and to go round each persons weight loss. There isn't much time to go through much in detail, but the consultant is so nice and she emails with advice in the week. I'm thinking I should stay for her support.

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Mon 25-May-15 09:11:10

Why are you eating tiny portions?
The idea of SW is to eat until you are comfortably full.
I find if I don't eat enough syns my weight loss stalls.
It didn't relate to me, but people I met who did SW found eating more than 1 banana a day slowed weight loss.
Are you measuring things like mayo, tomato ketchup, sugar? It's amazing how easily you can add extra syns by not measuring accurately. HTH.

foxinsocks Mon 25-May-15 09:15:09

I think it depends on your metabolism but I find it takes at least 6 weeks for any new diet/exercise plan to have an impact on me. It's like my body takes 6 weeks to realise something has changed smile.

Doubtfuldaphne Mon 25-May-15 23:19:49

Hurrah! I think I might've just lost some weight! I can fit in to my old jeans again which are a size smaller. How on earth do measurements change if weight doesn't?
I've only been having tiny portions because I've been so tired lately which ruins my appetite. I always have a big sw breakfast but the rest of the day is tiny portions.

greygreybeige Tue 26-May-15 00:09:30

Well done daphne smile

Scales often don't tell the truth! Muscle mass, water retention, needing a wee..... I'm sure there are also many other scientific answers to this. Many people don't go by the scales but instead measure themselves or go by dress size.

Make sure you're eating enough, if you're eating tiny portions and that suits you then fine, but do so regularly throughout the day.

Keep it up! grin

holdingontight Tue 26-May-15 09:13:06

Hi Daphne
I thought I was the only person who put weight on with SW, this was when I tried a few years ago.

A lovely friend persuaded me to give it one last go. And I realised after an unexpected gain a month ago I was mostly doing it right this time -- but all wrong before.

So, are you eating enough super free at every meal? I have to be honest and say sometimes I load the plate - but the spuds or the pasta goes first and veg gets chucked if I am full. The weeks I have a few meals where I don't have the option of loading on super free are the weeks my loss is small, or I STS.

Doubtfuldaphne Tue 26-May-15 11:10:21

I'm not too great with vegetables and salad I must admit. I am trying though!

Dowser Sat 13-Jun-15 10:06:34

I think we should start an ibs support group. I'm having terrible trouble even though I follow a pretty rigid diet.

I don't eat a lot. I don't e excise. Nearly always tired and don't feel like I'm losing.

Fed up:-(

heartsandstripes Wed 17-Jun-15 13:29:10

its taken me 4 weeks to loose 9lb and thats including a 2lb gain one week due to time of the month (1st one after having my baby) stick at it ! you might be suprised x

Babsuk Sat 27-Jun-15 19:48:00

I'm stummped
I eat wholegrain seeded bread for breakfast. It's 8 syns. I need to eat toast before bed to help my sugar levels up through the night. I'm not biabetic but have low suger during the night. I need help with bread?

emmaluvseeyore Mon 29-Jun-15 11:45:28

Is there something else you could eat instead of bread that gets your sugar levels up at night? My parents are diabetic and my dad eats bananas to get his sugar levels up. Would that work?

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