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10.5 pounds lost in three weeks - this eating plan really works!

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thereisnocheese Thu 09-Apr-15 23:26:33

Just that really - I'm eating more but of the right things, still having the off bit of chocolate and glass of wine - and have lost 3.5 pounds for the last three weeks - I am so pleased! I've never felt so in control of my eating and enjoying my treats! Would recommend to anyone as I've tried every diet going and this is by far the most successful - it really has been a revelation!

houseofnerds Thu 09-Apr-15 23:44:20

Lol, you sound like an advertising bot.

Glad it's going well for you but anything that relies on labeling certain food items as bad, and using cutesie twee 'syn' names is not anything I'll be spending my money on.

Horses for courses.

Mil gave me the slimming world recipe book for Christmas. I leafed through it, noted that it was pretty much identical to the meals we'd been serving her for the preceding three weeks (without the ridiculous necessity for low fat this, zero cal that, light cooking spray bollocks) and filed it.

'Syns'. I can't even go there, sorry. But I am glad it's working for you, even with the revelatory gushing wink

Midori1999 Fri 10-Apr-15 00:12:58

Houseofnerds, losing weight is hard for most people, so they're bound to 'gush' if they have found something that works for them.

I don't personally feel SW labels any food as 'bad', it just acknowledges that it's better to eat certain foods in limited amounts. However, it also acknowledges that we a have days where we want to eat more of those foods or drink more alcohol etc and that's why they have flexible days/flexible syns.

Certainly for me, it's currently the only way I can lose weight and the only 'diet' my hospital consultant approves of, given that my medical condition is affected by diet. I'm actually also managing to lose weight whilst on long term oral steroids, which isn't always easy.

Of course, it won't suit everyone. Nothing does.

thereisnocheese Fri 10-Apr-15 06:39:41

Well I can confirm I'm not an advertising bot whatever that is. Just a person who wanted to share that this is working for me, and thought I'd share. I base my weekly meal planning on free foods, fruit vegetables lean meat fish and carbs and measure those higher calorie treats. I'm just so pleased to finally find something which works for me!

sandgrown Fri 10-Apr-15 06:50:46

I agree. I had always avoided slimming clubs but went with a friend and it works for me. My family have not realised that most days they eat the same things as me !

dexter73 Fri 10-Apr-15 08:15:22

Lol how do you even end up on the Slimming World topic if you think it is all bollocks?!
I find SW works very well for me too. It has also had the added bonus of really clearing up my IBS as I stay away from processed food now. I found it incredibly easy to follow and fit in with going for meals out and life in general.

Colette Fri 10-Apr-15 15:21:17

Well done thereisnocheesesmile I think it's inspiring to hear.
I'm flagging a bit stayed the same for weeks. What's a typical day's food for you ?

houseofnerds Fri 10-Apr-15 15:42:28

Active convos. It's real slow at night, which is when the advertising starts lol. And obv this is real, and lovely, and op doing v well, but at the time it just read like a slimming world ad grin

Have nothing at all against op and am pleased she has found something that works for her - but I do have a giant beef with the diet industry, which exists purely to make money, not as an altruistic life enhancement tool.

And anything which uses 'syns' (noting the 'clever and orygynal' replacement of the I with a Y) for sure labels certain foods as 'bad'. It really does. To argue otherwise is bonkers.

But I'm glad the op has found herself in a better place. I just wish that western culture wasn't so obsessed with making women feel like failures for their weight (whatever it might be) and selling them products to 'fix' themselves.

Healthier lifestyles all good. Not knocking it. And paying money to someone else to keep you accountable, if it works for you, you have the money available, and you are choosing to spend it in that manner and line the pockets of the diet industry? - well, some people find that external link for motivation helpful.

All good.

It was just vaguely reminiscent of the 'I lost xxxx lbs on yyyyy diet! It's simple, easy, and I never feel hungry!' <cheesy grin and pose sideways with a giant pair of trousers> grin

Keep it up, op. Good job.

Anaisa Fri 10-Apr-15 19:02:56

It's not all about the western culture though. I have 3 children and as a result of difficult pregnancies and poor eating choices in all 3 pregnancies, I've gone up from 9 stone to 14. I don't need the western culture to tell me it's not healthy.

I've lost 2 stone so far by eating healthily and joined Slimming World 2 weeks ago. I haven't lost any weight yet, but haven't given up smile. Thank you, op, it's always good to hear positive stories, encourages me not to fall off the wagon.

thereisnocheese Sat 11-Apr-15 22:06:33

Thanks everyone, I thought it was worth sharing as I've struggled with my weight for years and since my daughter was born six months ago it's really been something which I wanted to sort out. Someone asked about an average day's foods - I basically stick to the free foods fruit, veg and lean meats/fish, and have a small glass of wine every other night. As the free foods are unlimited I tend to snack on cold meats rather than the half packet of biscuits I used to! Probably eating more food but the right food, and avoiding high fat high sugar treats! :-)

Midori1999 Sun 12-Apr-15 10:38:35

I find the same OP. I used to snack on whatever was handy at the time, so biscuits, crisps etc and as they don't fill you up I'd have quite a few. Often having biscuits of crisps instead of lunch. I never touched fruit and only had veg with meals. Whereas now I will reach for fruit or veg first as a snack and tend to make much healthier choices.

Of course, I could do that without SW, but I find having a 'plan' to stick to helps me.

Ragwort Sun 12-Apr-15 10:54:14

I agree with you I think it is a great eating plan - basically suggesting healthy, home cooked meals, lots of veg, low fat and low sugar with the occasional treat.

You don't have to buy into the 'syn' terminology but many people find it helps to belong to some sort of club. Years ago it used to be more complicated with 'red' or 'green' days.

Of course we all know that sensible eating & exercise is the key to losing weight it's just sticking to it that's difficult if you've got no will power. grin.

VeryVeryDarkGrey Sun 12-Apr-15 10:58:36

Syn means synergy. Or should that be sinergy?

Never mind, way to piss on the OPs low fat slimming world chips

Perfectlypurple Sun 12-Apr-15 11:04:59

I think for a lot of people it helps to have some sort of club and to be accountable. I have to do something. I know what foods I should eat really and what to avoid but I find it hard when not accountable. I am thinking of doing the online slimming world but a bit concerned as I tried it years ago with red and green days and it didn't work for me. Also I am a vegetarian and don't like tomatoes or mushrooms so I am concerned about what I can eat. What sort of things are'free'? And how does it work with the Syns and how many you can have? I don't really want to do ww as I want to get out of the weighing everything and calorie counting. Is there somewhere I could find a list of the free foods so I can see if it is something I could live with?


Loyse Sun 12-Apr-15 11:10:51

Well done!
I did slinming world last year and lost 2 pounds in 3 months.sad
I tried no syns , full syns so it's not for everyone.
Anyway I hope you get the results you want!

Midori1999 Sun 12-Apr-15 12:07:15

Perfectlypurple, SW is quite good if you're vegetarian IMO. On the 'extra easy' plan (which is the normal, day to day plan) free foods include all veg and fresh fruit, pasta, rice, potatoes, couscous, lentils, chickpeas and other pulses and beans, quite a few quorn and soya products, tofu (plain or smoked) eggs, fat free natural yoghurt, quark.... Lots of branded products/convenience foods are free too or low syn.

You can have a measured/limited amount of bread, milk, cheese etc as your healthy extras or syns and you get up to 15 syns a day. Obviously you can use these for whatever you want. Some people use them for sauces and dressings, some like a glass of wine every day or crisps, chocolate etc.

Midori1999 Sun 12-Apr-15 12:08:35

Sorry, lean meat and fish is also free food on the extra easy plan, but I didn't list as obviously won't apply to you perfectly.

Perfectlypurple Sun 12-Apr-15 12:36:22

Thank you. Glad to see you can have eggs. Think I will sign up for it on line. It was only trying it years ago with the red and green days that put me off. I am not going on holiday until November so have time. I have about 5 stone to lose but about 3 and a half before I will start to feel a lot more confident.

Are porridge oats free? I like yoghurt with porridge oats for breakfast. Would be good if I could continue with that.

Midori1999 Sun 12-Apr-15 22:28:13

Porridge oats aren't free sadly. You can syn them or have 35g as a healthy extra b. I sometimes make 'overnight oats', which is 35g of oats layered with fruit and fat free yoghurt and left in the fridge overnight. It's filling and lovely.

Perfectlypurple Mon 13-Apr-15 20:28:29

Had a good look at the menus, food lists and spoken to people at work who do this and I have joined on line. I am starting on Wednesday (birthday tomorrow) and have planned a weeks menu. Going to keep my syns low.

I used to have overnight oats with dried fruit but guessing will have to syn that. It is 4 syns for 25g so will probably stick to fresh fruit.

Was horrible weighing myself for the first time in a year but looking forward to a a good loss I hope over first couple of weeks.

thereisnocheese Sat 02-May-15 07:08:29

Hi everyone, still at the SW club and continuing weight loss at about a pound per week which I'm happy with as I'm hoping this will become a way of eating for life rather than a diet if you see what I mean. 0.5 pounds left to hit my first stone off, and honestly I'm eating better and feeling better! Good luck to everyone!

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