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on a weigh day do you?

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annielostit Wed 04-Mar-15 13:24:50

On your usual weigh day, do you treat yourself.
There's many at my group that eat what the want on Wednesday.
I tend to not treat because I know how bad my weekends are.
What do you do?

hstar1995 Wed 04-Mar-15 15:20:52

my weigh in day is Saturday so I usually have my weekend treat then (McDonald's - no mcflurry, diet coke instead of milkshake) and I celebrate each landmark loss with a non food reward (when I lost half stone, got my seconds done, when I lost my stone I got the top of my ear done). I'm addicted to piercings now so think when I lose 2 stone I'll get a nose piercing, after then I'll need new clothes ( I hope) so I'll buy new clothes at each landmark and my reward for target will be a belly button piercinggrin

hstar1995 Wed 04-Mar-15 15:21:07

Sorry for the essayblush

annielostit Wed 04-Mar-15 17:12:07

I like essays. Closed yes & no answers are boring.grin

springlenner Wed 04-Mar-15 21:58:34

Before weigh in I usually swing between totally stressed out that I won't have a loss vs unrealistic ally believing I'll have lost 4 or 5lbs. ( most weeks I'm lucky if I manage a pound, usually it's half a pound)
I don't have dinner beforehand and stop drinking water at 3pm - WIs at 8pm. ( daft I know but every little helps)
Then I have a beer/ glass of wine with some popchips when I get home. Which is now - my WI is Wednesday night :-) cheers!!

calzone Wed 04-Mar-15 22:26:40

I had a Bounty single bar after weigh in today. Then had an Aero choc mousse.

Don't usually as I think it could be a slippery slope.

Crouchendmumoftwo Wed 04-Mar-15 22:56:04

I have a big lunch then starve and also have that thing where I totally start believing I have lost 4lbs (as im so starving and dehydrated!) and then Im it total disbelief and depressed when I find out it's a pound! Then might go for a celebratory Vietnamese with my fellow (slacker) dieter and have my favourite spring rolls and a prosecco! and crispy duck salad! As a treat for my big starvation and small loss! You did make me laugh Springlenner about the total belief that you have lost more than you have, I have that every week!

NiceCupOfTeaAndALittleSitDown Wed 04-Mar-15 23:21:46

I eat less on a Wednesday (WI day) and tell myself I'll treat myself if I've lost but I haven't done yet as I feel spurred on to keep doing well. I said I would treat myself on every 1/2 stone - I didn't after my first as it had taken longer than I thought so didn't feel ready to rock the boat. I spent all day in bed today with a cold so didn't eat a thing before WI - and lost 3lbs, my best weekly lost so far! I didn't think I was going to have a loss so said yesterday I would treat myself to some chocolate if I did - but now I don't want to! It's there in the kitchen though, just waiting for my resolve to go...

PinkParsnips Sun 08-Mar-15 19:56:27

Yes my weigh day is Saturday, so on Saturday night I have a treat - nothing major, this week was a bag of mini eggs smile

Midori1999 Sun 08-Mar-15 20:16:18

I try not to as I know it will affect the following week's loss. Sometimes I push the boat out and have an extra hifi bar without counting it though... grin

Buttwing Sun 08-Mar-15 21:22:26

I try not to but I will use all my syns that night (usually I stay under ten)
A few people in my group go home via the chippy smile

AliL75 Tue 31-Mar-15 19:13:58

I tend to try not to snack between lunch and weigh in at 5.30 or 7.30 (which can be a killer!). I also stop drinking from about 2 onwards. Then after I have weighed I try not to go too mad. Although the week I went for a full blown out curry I still lost 2lb the next week. I tend to keep my syns very low, 5 is average for me. Also, even though I can go straight from work to weigh in, I still like to pop home to use the loo before I weigh!!! TMI but true . Haha

tabulahrasa Wed 01-Apr-15 11:36:15

I don't go overboard because it'll just mess up the next week, but I don't stress if I have something that'll take me a few syns over either.

Deedeecupcake Fri 17-Apr-15 10:15:44

I do. I weigh in around 5 although some days I do it in the morning, depending how my day pans out. Then I can eat anything I want after that. I don't actually tend to go overboard. Usually a takeaway, a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate. I find it really helps as if on a Monday I crave a glass of wine or any other crap, I can tell myself that I only have two days to wait and I can have what I want smile

Perfectlypurple Sat 18-Apr-15 11:13:32

When I was calorie counting, on a weigh day or day off I would binge like made because I had allowed myself to eat. It was ridiculous and perpetuated the binge/restrict lifestyle I was on. I have only just started SW but I don't intend to treat myself with food anymore. If it is a meal out then that is different, I won't be restricting food so I will have what I want if I eat out but I won't be doing it often. I have been eating quite a lot his week and after only a few days I feel better and have lost a few lbs.

MummyPig24 Wed 22-Apr-15 18:11:38

Sometimes I do but try not to as I will just binge and that's not good. I weigh in on a Monday night.

fannyfanakapan Wed 22-Apr-15 18:24:44

I sensibly chose a Friday morning group, and I weigh in before lunch. Then Friday night I can have wine. wine

cherrypiesally Fri 24-Apr-15 06:40:32

I weigh in morning group and do treat myself with a non SW lunch after, usually involving crisps or chocolate. I also always wear the same clothes and try to breastfeed my baby first; this week I didn't feed him as he was asleep and I maintained, I am convinced it was because the milk weighed me down!!

ThisTimeIAmMagic Wed 13-May-15 12:16:56

I treat WI day like any other weekday but I am trying to develop the mindset that I am in this for the long haul. The one thing I don't like about group is the reading out of weight loss etc. I think it encourages people to starve to rush weight loss then they reach target and abandon the whole thing.

I like to treat myself at the weekend when I am out with DH and DS ☺

BlueberryMuffins76 Mon 18-May-15 21:28:04

I've really fallen into the post weigh in black hole a couple of times and really felt bad about it afterwards. The last time was about 3 weeks ago when I ate a pizza afterwards and then was so poorly I can't face the idea of it again - I think it would be a slippery slope so probably a good thing!

Nicky4652 Mon 25-Sep-17 12:50:53

I don't treat after weigh in, not food anyway. I weigh in on Mondays at 7.30pm, so I will have a small dinner at around 6 (normally some WW spaghetti and sweetcorn) I think if you have lost weight then eating dinner won't make you put much on. I do the same every week since I started at the end of June and have only put weight on once(half a pound after a KFC and ice cream treat the week before!) I also think sometimes I 'feel' like I have lost quite a bit if my clothes are looser, and at weigh in I have maintained or lost half a pound. I think the scales is only half the battle! smile

Trills Mon 25-Sep-17 13:00:31

Not really - I save most of my "treats" to allow myself to participate semi-normally in social activities. (going for drinks, eating out, etc)

On a weigh-in day I'm going to weigh-in after work so probably not doing anything social.

Groovee Mon 25-Sep-17 13:40:10

Zombie thread.

Fluffyunicorns Tue 10-Oct-17 19:16:06

This was our consultants talk the other week. After weigh in is the first bit of the next week not the end of the last week!! I went away thinking that and had a bigger loss the next week - might be coincidence but it motivates!!

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