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Stuck for ideas..

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FatPatricia Thu 12-Feb-15 13:14:28

This week at group we all have to take something in to eat that's fairly low in syns, however I'm broke and very short of time. Any ideas what I can make today that will last for a few days, is fairly syn free and relatively inexpensive?!

fannyfanakapan Thu 12-Feb-15 13:19:15

Noodles and stir fry veg.

Cook the noodles in stock.

Stir fry veg with some garlic, chopped ginger, soy sauce, spring onions and a sprinkle of sweetner.

You could add some cooked chicken or fish also.

or pasta:

1/2 tub of low low cheese spread melted, poured on pasta. Zero syns on HexA. Add some smoked salmon scraps and some lemon rind and black pepper. Or some bacon (no fat) and some tinned sweetcorn.

WellThatEscalatedQuickly Thu 12-Feb-15 16:24:32

How about a dessert?

1 small tub of total 0% greek yoghurt
1 pot of activia 0% vanilla yoghurt (or any other ff vanilla yoghurt)
1 sachet of Options white chocolate
Handful of fresh raspberries
Chuck it all in a bowl and mix.

Tastes really naughty - only 2 syns for the lot and it should serve 2 or 3 depending on how hungry you are

muffpuff Thu 12-Feb-15 16:40:11

Toffee blobs or you can layer and slice for neater chunks grin

Mix an original Cadbury Highlights sachet and a toffee Mullerlight together and blob or layer onto baking tray lined with a greaseproof sheet spritzed with butter fry light and freeze for 3/4 hours.

FatPatricia Fri 13-Feb-15 10:18:29

Thank you guys :D

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