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Slimming World Online.

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TonyThePony Sat 31-Jan-15 16:43:16

I just joined slimming world online.

I chose online because I work all over the place so cant commit to weekly meetings and I feel a bit shy to go to a group (silly I know)...

But.... I'm a bit overwhelmed by the website... Is anybody an online member and have any clue where to start?

I really want to do well with this.

Please help a very confused woman.

TonyThePony Sat 31-Jan-15 16:46:32

Oh, sorry if this thread topic already exists, I couldn't see it. If it does, if somebody could link to it for me, I'll happily delete this one. Thanks!

GinnelsandWhippets Sat 31-Jan-15 19:50:49

I just joined SW online too and am also finding it a bit puzzling. As I understand it you can eat whatever you want of the 'free foods', plus your healthy a and b choices (1 of each) then anything else counts as a syn and you neeed to calculate it on the syns calculator - which unhelpfully is not on the homepage. Hmmm. I do think the website is shocking but i m warming up to the plan. I am a bit confused by the healthy a and b thing. So for example today I had 2 x cups of tea with milk - about 20mls total. Plus 15g cheddar cheese and 1 x philiadelphia light mini tub. So is that about the equivalent of a total healthy a choice? Can you mix it like that? I dunno.

Jamrollypolly Sat 31-Jan-15 22:20:44

I've recently joined a group and was told you can't mix and match. I did that in the first week with different types of nuts (half each). Hope that helps.

Yuleloglatte Sat 31-Jan-15 22:26:55

I went to a group once - there are often free vouchers in magazines and got the books, which are a lot easier to follow than the website, but I do it online now to get access to syns, healthy extras etc. I really recommend getting the books as they make it a lot easier!
You eat unlimited free food, but try to include at least 1/3 speed foods with every meal and snack. You have a healthy extra a and b and 5-15 syns a day. I measure 350 mls of milk, which lasts me 3 days, so over the 3 days I have 2 cheese portions.

There are loads of facebook groups that can help, especially with syn values.

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