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Long car journey & SW snacks?

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BlueberryMuffins76 Sat 24-Jan-15 12:25:42

I started SW just before Christmas and have lost just over half a stone so far. I've got a 6 hour car journey on Monday, and it will run over when I'd normally eat dinner. I need some car snacks/a picnic that's good for EE, but also good to eat whilst I'm driving. I can have a free breakfast and lunch so will still have syns/Hex B (A is usually milk in tea/cereal) - but I'm a bit stuck and was wondering if anyone else had ideas? Thanks!

StuntBottom Sat 24-Jan-15 12:44:02

Mug shots are good. Either take one ready prepared in a wide-mouthed flask, or take a flask of hot water and a mug to make fresh.

Take a box of raw veg - carrot, celery, peppers, cucumber. Add some protein in the form of fish (tinned tuna or mackerel/salmon fillets) or hard boiled eggs.

Fruit and a Mullerlight yoghurt for pudding. Eat separated or top the yoghurt with the fruit.

BlueberryMuffins76 Sat 24-Jan-15 13:12:15

Oh a mugshot is a brilliant idea! Lovely inspiration there grin thanks!

MrMacadoo Mon 26-Jan-15 11:37:46

i take sugar free werthers, half a syn each

oneowlgirl Mon 26-Jan-15 20:35:29

Fruit & hi fi lite bars would probably be what I would take.

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