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Slimming world 2015 start

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silky80 Wed 21-Jan-15 14:37:06

Have been on slimming world for a week and a half with a starting weight of 10st11. I,m doing from home as time commitments tricky to do meetings plus the cost. Followed the plan pretty closely for the first week apart from one meal, which I was too tired to bother with but pretty gutted nothing lost the first week. Perhaps that time of month.
I only weigh on a mon am and would like to get to under 10 St to see the 9's again would be fab.

I have followed it in the past and usually stick to pasta n sauce with salad / jp and virtually fat free cottage cheese, lots of fruit and muller light. This has usually worked in the past but have read more about the super fast and super free not just free as I think diet was too carb heavy.

I love all fruit and veg and am vegetarian so in theory shouldn't be too tricky. Main prob is my work has me out and about a lot , ft work plus pt eve work, so tend to eat nothing and then starving. Second prob is long term renovation of our house. Rubbish kitchen which has no heating, camp stove and is basically a building site, but hey ho this year (after 6 years) my new kitchen will be ready to go.
I,ve been a bit blaze with dieting as whilst I love cooking, the environment is horrible. I wasn't,t going too worry too much about dieting until the new kitchen was all sorted but have now decided I want new slimmer ( and less grumpy) me by the time I start our new kitchen / living dream.
This week I have focused so far on the super speed foods getting ten in is an easy challenge for me and have enjoyed making syn free veg lasagne, syn free curry etc.
pretty much I can live on free foods / super free and not bother too much about the hea heb. Maybe a couple of slices of brown for breakfast with beans at the weekend.
I don,t have a sweet tooth. Give me cheese and biscuits and wine any day. Have traded wine for vodka diet coke (far too much of) but with everything else going on house / work stress and the running around of two little ones and two step children in a building site, one challenge at a time!

I am hoping weigh in number 2 is more successful on mon.

I find the site really handy for tips etc,. I,ve never posted before do here goes. Might keep me motivated and away from the cheese !

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silky80 Fri 23-Jan-15 13:17:22

If any one feels like buddying me I forgot to mention that.

Does anyone know, I made a veg lasagne last night lots of passata, mushrooms, onions, courgette, spinach, tomatoes. I used Kerry low grated cheddar from my heb and had large spinach salad last night with it. Had a portion for lunch today but not with a salad. Does it matter I,ve not had the salad on the super easy plan as it had lots of super free and super speed ingred in the meal itself.

Trying to be so behaved !

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Misfitless Fri 23-Jan-15 20:43:53

Silky can I be your buddy?

I've got an awful lot more than you to lose, though.

I'm starting tomorrow. I start every day, then get to about 3pm and goes tits up! Likewise - not going to class, but will be weighing myself on Saturday mornings. smile

Can't answer you Q, sorry.

poppyseedbagel Fri 23-Jan-15 20:48:47

Hello Ladies.
I am slimming world for past 5 weeks and lost 10lbs so far. Totally changed my eating habits and actually cooking for the first time in my life. I'd be happy to join you on your journeys too. I go to class on a Wednesday evening. Your veg lasagne sounds very yum! I would assume it should be fine for you even without the salad smile

silky80 Sat 24-Jan-15 09:16:20

Hi poppy and misfit. Yes misfit, I,d love you to be my buddy.

I tried the syn free pizza last night as everyone else was having pizza. I was quite apprehensive as the idea of smash in any context does not appeal to me. I made a small amount and mixed in some dried basil and then baked it. I made it really thin, topped with Passata, spinach, onions, mushrooms and a couple of artichoke hearts and then topped with Kerry low low cheddar. To be honest it was fine, I,m not actually sure I noticed the base that much because of all the topping, perhaps if I did a margherita I would notice it more. As a pizza lover it certainly sufficed and I didn't feel like I was missing out.

Today, I,ve already been naughty and had a small glass of fresh orange.

Wow poppy 10lbs in 5 weeks that's great. I bet you,re chuffed.

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ihavenonameonhere Sat 24-Jan-15 12:32:13


Are you making sure 1/3 of your plate is speed food?

silky80 Sat 24-Jan-15 14:04:20

I do try to 90% of the time but for example with a veg lasagne ( full of speed food) do I need to have the speed at the side as well? Generally I always have a salad anyway.


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calzone Sat 24-Jan-15 21:43:51

How do you make a syn free veggie lasagne? smilesmilesmile

rusmum Sat 24-Jan-15 22:03:21

Hello can I join, I'm getting married in dec and need 2 stones off.

Misfitless Sun 25-Jan-15 06:56:56

Hi All,

Just checking in. Getting married, Rusmum oh wow, how exciting!

Love the sound of syn free pizza, Silky80 - will try that. So Smash is free, then? What temperature do you set the oven to?

Poppy well done.

Shall we all share out weight losses on the days we get weighed? Only if you're happy to, no pressure, and if you gain, you don't need to share unless you want to. Hearing that Poppy has done so well, has spurred me on!

silky80 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:07:23


Calzone. Veg lasagne I literally fry up mushrooms, onions, peppers, garlic can of chopped tomatoes, carton of passata some herbs and let it reduce to a thicker sauce. I then just layer the sauce pasta with lasagne sheets and use Kerry low low grated cheddar from allowance. It makes 6 good size portions. This time I threw in some broad beans and spinach. Cover with tin foil and It takes about 35min in the oven. Although I tend to leave the cheese off until about ten min from the end so that the cheese doesn't burn.

I'm not sure about the smash there tends to be arguments over it. I believe it is free and the small amount I used for tge pizza base, as had it really thin certainly wouldn't be a third of a portion of normal mash I would serve. I baked it at 180 in a fan oven.

Congrats on the upcoming wedding rusmum, how long until the big day.

Yes I will share my weigh in (tomorrow) not expecting anything great as though sticking to the plan don,t feel physically any different but it is only week 2.

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Gingerandcocoa Sun 25-Jan-15 09:54:40

Can I join you please? Doing SW for the first time ever (I'm a seasoned weight watcher��). Have 3 stones to lose (2 from pregnancy - DC is 7 months old), and I have my first weigh in on Tuesday!

ExitStageLeft Sun 25-Jan-15 10:09:33

Please can I join? I've been doing SW since November and lost around a stone but only had a baby in July so I'm sure some of that was baby weight that would have come off anyway. I've done SW in the past and lost around 2 stone for my wedding in 2011...since had two children...I'm 5'3 and hovering around the 12 stone mark now. I want to be 11 stone (ish) for my return to work in April and 10 stone (ish) for my holiday in June and 9 stone for Christmas. Seems more achievable that way somehow. I've never been 9 stone in all my adult life, I just want to know how it feels to be happy with my body and feel good about myself. I think since having children I've started to think about demonstrating good body confidence to them and I don't want them growing up with a Mum that's constantly talking about weight. sad

ANYHOO, I'm doing Zumba twice a week and trying to keep carbs to a minimum weekdays. I struggle with lunch ideas, what does everyone else have?

silky80 Sun 25-Jan-15 13:22:41

Lunch I normally have pasta n sauce with a bag of salad. That's just for ease at work. Jacket pots with large salad , longleys virtually fat free cottage cheese (nicest cottage cheese in my opinion as it,s not watery and small chunks. Any left over jacket pits I just slice into wedges the next day and spray with spray light and pop them back in the oven another day.

Lunch I find a bit of a pain working and often out of the office in meetings round the county. I think I need to be better at planning though. I find my lunches tend to be very carby.

Ha ha I think I am looking at too many recipes and ways to do things that I can't be bothered eating then.

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NapoleonsNose Sun 25-Jan-15 15:32:49

Can I join you too? I started again this week for about the fifth time. Lost nearly four stone about 5 years ago but stopped going the meetings and have put most of it back on. I'm around 13 stone which for my height, 5'3" is way too heavy. I'd like to get back to where I was when I did lose all the weight, which was just over 10 stone and a size 10/12 (have big boobs and curvy hips so never going to be a skinny minny!).

Today I've had a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast (HEB) with no butter or spread. For lunch I made a SW quiche with leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, quark, eggs and a few chilli flakes. That was lovely and I have loads left to take to work this week. I've also had a banana and an apple for a snack. Dinner will be roast chicken, potatoes, veg and gravy.

I've got a really smart wedding to go to in July, so ideally I'd like to have lost about 2.5 stone by then. Hoping for a reasonable loss on Thurs. Last time I tried SW, I only lost 1.5lbs in my first week which was really disheartening.

silky80 Mon 26-Jan-15 08:10:14

Well weigh in was 10st 9 1/2. Not exactly ground breaking but a loss at least and i did have more syn with wine last night.

Week 3 here we go. I,dlike to get to 10st 3 by 23rd February.

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Gingerandcocoa Mon 26-Jan-15 09:03:54

1 1/2 pounds when you haven't got that much to lose (compared to me for example blush) is still a great result!!!! Imagine if you lose that much every week, that's really good!

silky80 Mon 26-Jan-15 10:11:23

Does anyone know as I,m vegetarian do I just follow the old green plan like I used to or extra easy?

I made the overnight oats yesterday and had them again today. They are so filling, I wasn't hungry until about 4pm and I,d only had them for breakfast. Feel stuffed today with having them.

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poppyseedbagel Mon 26-Jan-15 21:44:02

Hi silky, a girl i go to meetings with is a veggie and she uses the extra easy if that helps!

Was so disappointed with a maintain last week considering I ate a fridge full of vegetables throughout the week! So hoping i'm back on it this week. Looked out my scales again and I'm back to measuring everything!

I've got the overnight oats sitting in the fridge the now for tomorrows brekki, looks so tempting smile can't wait to eat them up in the morning.

silky80 Tue 27-Jan-15 17:33:17

Thanks poppy, a maintain is still positive. I,m pretty sure this diet the results work the week after!

Well I have been good apart from work lunch meeting today, which I would refuse to say to the rest of the men I was on a diet! Ended up having jp no butter and cheese with salad. Not too drastic but really didn,t want the cheese. Anyway I,m calling it two healthy extras on the green plan. C'est la vie.

How is everyone getting on. X

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Gingerandcocoa Tue 27-Jan-15 21:08:10

Just had my weigh in and lost 6.5lbs! Although a pound of that might be because I didn't have dinner before the meeting... Happy anyway!

NapoleonsNose Tue 27-Jan-15 21:39:28

Wow Ginger, that's brilliant! I weigh in on Thursday and would like at least 3lbs off.

Misfitless Wed 28-Jan-15 01:46:28

Oh well done everyone!

I've been shit! Don't know what's wrong with me blush. Keep up the good work. I'm hoping that you're success with travel through the internet and spur me on.

Ginger - that's fab!

Gingerandcocoa Wed 28-Jan-15 09:14:14

Thanks everyone. The first week is always the best, isn't it! Now need to continue with my motivation...

Last week I barely used any of my syns points, or just didn't count them (for example when I ordered scrambled eggs in a restaurant)... but this week I want to make a point of eating my syns, because I am already feeling deprived (which I didn't use to when I did WW, because I could eat whatever I wanted, provided it was within my allowance).

So today for dinner we're having home made pizzas, with wholemeal pitta bread (HEB), tomato sauce, ham, cheese (HEA) and fried garlic... and a side salad of course ;).

Gingerandcocoa Wed 28-Jan-15 09:15:26

Misfitless just draw a line under the past week and start over again!! My mistake (over and over again) is to go on an eating binge just because I was bad in my diet.... ie "eat because I ate". It's so difficult to stop and start again but YOU CAN DO IT!

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