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is your eating different & what's changed.

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annielostit Wed 07-Jan-15 11:53:11

Morning all,
When you follow sw plan is your way of eating a lot different to being not on plan.
What things do you 'give up'?
I like bread so sandwiches are off limits..
I like wine but crisps go with it as does nice cheese. No drinking on a school night.
I don't have tea @ 10am as I like a biscuit then (breakfast @7.30).so have a yogurt.
Its easy to buy ready sauces, battered fish, burgers etc but I don't when I'm being 'good'.
And I eat out less.

What about you?.x

Iggity Wed 07-Jan-15 21:34:59

My main meals are not really very different although I am using spraylight now instead of rapeseed oil from a bottle.

What I have given up:
Diet coke
Eating a lot less bread than before
Trying to eat less red and processed meat not because of SW but more for long term health reasons.

Once I get my weight under control, I do intend to reintroduce nuts as these are good things. My sister who is very slim eats lots of nuts. The other things will be occasional I hope.

I'm not thinking too much about usng syns for any of the above. I use a few for a spoonful of pesto sauce and similar.

Only on week 2 but I did SW earlier this year and was fixated on eating a Ripple bar every day with my syns but just ended up havi blow outs if I bought a four pack for example. I just avoid buying it now and eat fruit/sliced chicken/small can of tuna.

I don't bother with Muller light yoghurts either, just eat plain low fat Greek style with spoonful of honey.

I do miss biscuits.......

BathildaBagshot Thu 08-Jan-15 21:52:14

I am also a wine and bread fiend but am not finding it as hard this time round (3rd and final slimming world membership) to limit them. I have always eaten fairly healthily when it comes to cooking - low fat, from scratch, plenty of veg etc. I was almost like those people on Secret Eaters who can't understand why they're fat!

Now I eat breakfast every day (overnight oats in the week and grilled breakfast at the weekend), my evening meals are the same but minus the bread and wine, I snack more but on better things (seafood sticks, fruit etc).

I never ever thought I'd be writing the above, I genuinely 100% believed slimming world was pointless because I was so fab and healthy (I know, I was really smug) but I now feel like I've woken up!

BathildaBagshot Thu 08-Jan-15 21:55:27

I've also started actually writing things down. 'Before me', as I call her, cheated herself out of every single diet, lifestyle change, you name it. If I forgot my lunch one day at work I would be in morrisons buying fatty sandwiches and the like. New me forgot her lunch yesterday and bought a salmon salad and fruit.

I've struggled with depression for many years and I think this new me is a sign that I'm coming out of the fog and starting to notice and be accountable for my own actions - as pretentious as that sounds blush

Redr1ckshaw Tue 13-Jan-15 19:48:51

Hi I'm new here smile I started slimming world again last week. I have always done green days but this time I was glad it had changed to EE as I had decided to eat fish chicken and the odd steak - more protein so hopefully feeling full for longer. I'm not using Fry lite this time as I'm using coconut oil to cook things these days and shall be using that as my syns. I'm not eating chocolate biscuits cakes crisps anything like that. I have had all bran for years and now I shall have it with flax and a teaspn of cinnamon. I'm trying to incorporate the things I've found are healthy while I've been out of SW. I'm not eating nuts at present as I over eat them and cannot stick to such small numbers. I'm starting simple - actually I'm doing EEsp - and then I might get a bit more adventurous.

piggychops Sat 24-Jan-15 10:58:29

I'm eating much less bread now. Hard to do at first but now it's ok. I still eat nuts often just a half or third of a portion. Digital scales are my best friend.
Eating much more protein than before.
This type of diet is really suiting me and I wish I had discovered it sooner!!

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