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Need superfree help!

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kezzy13 Sat 27-Dec-14 21:29:56

Hi smile I have been on slimming world since October - lost 11lb in first 3 weeks but haven't lost anything since, seem to be up a pound one week then lose it again the next. I am struggling with soo much especially getting superfree into my diet. As I am so fussy!! Does anyone have any ideas to get some extra superfree in without being able to taste it?? confused xx

Rockchick1984 Sun 28-Dec-14 04:55:17

I used to cook and blend veggies to mix into sauces as there's not a lot of veg I'd actually choose to eat! Sadly I think SW only works if you have 1/3 superfree as it basically fills you up and keeps fat and calories down that way.

annielostit Sun 28-Dec-14 12:58:14

How do you mean fussy? I don't have sf at all meals its impossible to add veg in all the time.
Look at what you like or how your doing it.I lost 4lb in my first 2 wks on the following -
Boiled egg on 1 toast with beans or spaghetti most days for breakfast, no sf there.
Lunch was baked potato with 30g cheese & ham plus lettuce & Mayo. Minimal sf.
Dinner, a typical British dinner of chicken/meat with potatoes and peas & carrots. Minimal sf.
I only eat 1 portion of fruit a day with a yogurt as a snack.
When I've not done the above I have no loss. Like now! Add bread and anything else and its stop.its probably syns thats not being counted. I'd go back to basics and see where every mouthful comes from. Mine comes from wine crisps and today sausages.
All plans & diets work but you have to be religious to the rules unless your really changing how you eat at the beginning.
I have a friend who is larger than me by 11 stone when she follows sw eats twice what I do 20syns and gets 5lb a week, I at 12st, struggle with the above menu and 10syns.

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