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how are you managing Christmas?

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MrMacadoo Thu 25-Dec-14 11:27:26

I have put on a pound so far, am hoping not to put on more than 3. What are you doing to limit weight gain or are you having whatever you fancy? I have just had a massive cooked breakfast and am saving my b choice for 2 choc hi fis in a bid to keep out of the roses tin! I guarantee my resolve will waver after a few proseccos...

PhoebeMcPeePee Fri 26-Dec-14 17:18:23

I'm not worrying about it xmas & Boxing Day but did go for a run this morning & back on plan properly tomorrow & same again NYE/NYD.

I'm expecting to gain a few lbs for the 2 weeks I'm off work but if I'm focused I can lose that the following week so not too worried.

ILoveYouBaby Fri 26-Dec-14 17:27:28

I'm being mostly on plan, but accepting that I will gain. I ate pretty much what I wanted yesterday, but with a bit of restraint on seconds, pudding and mince pies. Today has been hard to avoid the chocolate!

Our consultant gave us the choice of being either totally on plan, on plan except for a few select meals and snacks, or totally off plan. I'm going for the second, after hearing some of the group's horror stories about how long it took to lose last year's Xmas binge.

myotherusernameiswittyandgreat Fri 26-Dec-14 17:28:39

I've been off plan for two weeks. I'm annoyed with myself but with all of the meals and parties it's been so hard.
I've lost 3 stone so far but I'm fully expecting an 8-10lb gain sad

I'm even more worried I won't be able to get back on plan.

PhoebeMcPeePee Fri 26-Dec-14 22:50:12

You must must must go to the next meeting & before NYE which will inevitably be another day or so of gaining (will for me anyway wink) The Longer you leave it the harder it gets & at least this time of year everyone's in the same boat & feeling crap about christmas gains.

myotherusernameiswittyandgreat Fri 26-Dec-14 22:55:20

I'm going to my next meeting on nyd. Thankfully I don't really bother with new year celebrations so it will be easier to stick to plan.

I'm proud of myself as tonight I have done it three week meal plan. I am going to give away all of the chocolate I was given too.
I know I'm not strong enough to syn a small amount, I'll end up eating it all.

annielostit Sun 28-Dec-14 13:47:52

Totally wipoed out 2 weeks of hard work. Going back to basics after new year. I AM NOT DRINKING TODAY!!!!! But I'm having an Indian tonight. We have a chocolate mountain thanks to mil.if we eat 1 portion/bar each day we will last till easter!!!! There's 3 of us.

iklboo Sun 28-Dec-14 13:54:36

I am was at target since April. I've been totally off plan for 2 weeks but will be back on from Jan 3. To be really honest, I'm getting sick of eating & drinking crap! blush

I'm making a lovely big mixed veg risotto tomorrow in the slow cooker.

piggychops Sun 28-Dec-14 20:18:13

I joined 2weeks ago online cos there's meetings I can get to here. 4lb loss so far. Aiming for 11stone as I'm quite tall and broad shouldered.
Fell off the wagon totally at Christmas so expect to have gained this week.
Today I had
B: scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with 2 tangerines
L: BLT roll using 1 healthy extra, and the mayo was 2syns
D: jacket potato with baked beans and big helping of grilled tomatoes
Trouble is I have children and there are lots of sweets in the house.
2 Quality Streets are 4.5 Syns!

GlitterandSequins Sun 28-Dec-14 20:40:13

I've kept my meals on plan buy have been having quite a few 'festive snacks' I am expecting a gain but as I have chosen to go off plan it's not worrying me (although I may feel different after this week's weigh in!)

Ragwort Sun 28-Dec-14 20:42:26

Our local SW club does a 'box' for the local food bank so you can put all your unwanted chocolates/biscuits/Christmas treats in it and it will be taken to the food bank - could you suggest something similar? smile

MrMacadoo Mon 29-Dec-14 08:54:30

2 and a half pounds gained so it could have been worse. Luckily no-one gave me choccies for Xmases so back on plan today. No excuses! grin

katienana Mon 29-Dec-14 08:59:13

I haven't weighed in since mid dec as the meeting was on my birthday and then we were at in laws for xmas. have sort of half heartedly tried to stay on plan but fully expect to gain. have been much better than previous xmases though.

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