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Canapé ideas

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PhoebeMcPeePee Sat 13-Dec-14 13:09:08

Has anyone got any low syn/free canapé ideas they can share in time for Christmas that will satisfy non-dieters as well?

loismustdieatyahoodotcom Sat 13-Dec-14 14:50:47

You could try things like devilled eggs low fat cream cheese with smoked salmon. If you want something sweet scan bran and Nutella for low syn ferrero Roche (sp??) they are lovely.

dexter73 Sat 13-Dec-14 16:17:55

Scallops wrapped in prosciutto, garlic prawns, mini thai fish cakes, mini beef burgers, lamb koftas, spicy bean dip. There are loads on the SW website if you search under party food.

PhoebeMcPeePee Sat 13-Dec-14 20:35:52

Thanks those sound good & will check out SW online too grin

midori1999 Sat 13-Dec-14 20:45:26

I make a smoked salmon pate which is lovely and my non SW friends love it. It's a pack of asda smoked salmon trimmings, a tub of quark, black pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice and a desert spoonful of horseradish if you want to add/syn it. You can spread it on shop bought meals toasts, which are half a syn each or use it as a dip.

annielostit Mon 15-Dec-14 10:49:51

Cut crusts off 2 slices wm bread. Roll out thin. Cut with a pastry cutter. Spray with fry light and line a small bun tin. Bake @ 180* for about 10 mins till crisp.
Cool & fill with midori's salmon recipe, tuna pate, prawn & chives, chilli. Like baby quiche.
Make mini sw quiche.
Little bbq chicken skewers with cocktail sticks and yogurt mint & garlic dip. I add a little sweetener to mine.
And a big plate is spiced wedges to dip into.

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