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what or how much did you eat?

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annielostit Mon 10-Nov-14 13:14:22

Before following sw how different was your diet.
I'm not a big choco monster, I have too much bread like eating out and I don't eat salad when I do. I like wine but that goes with crisps.
Id be fine if the weekend didn't start on Wednesday.

Threesocks Mon 10-Nov-14 13:30:52

Before I ate lots of bread based meals (toast/bagel for breakfast, sandwiches), More snacks - this was my downfall and it crept into being most nights rather than just a treat on a Friday/Saturday.
I also didn't eat the same amount of veggies as I do now (1/3 of your plate should be superfree foods)

My average day now is:
Porridge and fruit
Noodles with veg/Jacket Potato and beans with salad
Spag Bol/Stir Fry/Shepherd Pie
Snacks are fruit

I also then have approx 1 bottle of wine per week and the occasional packet of crisps.

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