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Any target members?

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OneSkinnyChip Thu 06-Nov-14 20:35:40

How does the plan change when you are at target and want to maintain rather than lose weight?

And how does the fee structure change? Is it free as soon as you hit target or do you have to maintain target weight for a few weeks first?

Thanks in advance smile

AliceMum09 Thu 06-Nov-14 22:44:17

It's free as soon as you hit target, and stays free as long as you remain within 3lbs above or below your target weight. If you go out of range you get a week to get back in, if you turn up the next week still over then you have to start paying again. I can't quite remember what happens if you go 'underweight' (never gonna happen to me!), it might be slightly different.

As for changing the plan, I was told it's better to add in an additional heathy extra rather than increase the amount of Syns you have. So for example you could have cereal for breakfast and then still have 2 small slices of brown bread to make a sandwich at lunchtime. And having used milk on the cereal you could still have cheese as well.

I have been at target once, then a half-board holiday (it wasn't even all-inclusive, I am just greedy and have no willpower if food is just laid out for me on a buffet!) sent me out of range and I managed to gradually put over a stone back on. Not clever! But part of it was that I never really 'clicked' with the consultant or group (it was very Little Britain Fat Fighters!), I have now found a much nicer group, rejoined and have lost a stone (again!). It won't be going back on this time!

OneSkinnyChip Fri 07-Nov-14 09:26:38

Thanks Alice and well done on your weight loss smile Yes the groups and leaders really vary in quality a lot. In my closest group the leader is a bit manic and the one a bit further away the leader is quite disinterested. It's hard to know where to go really but group does make a huge difference to me.

FrancesNiadova Mon 10-Nov-14 20:08:03

Well done on your weight loss, Alice & good luck in your new group.
I've not reached target yet, but I did reach my 10% weight loss this evening. I'm so proud, I've lost 1st 4lbs so far. So chuffed!

Kasterborous Thu 05-Feb-15 21:27:00

It's free as soon as you get to target and stays free as long as you aren't more than three pounds above or below your target. You don't have to go every week if you don't want too. However if you go out of target range you do have to go or you will have to pay back fees. As for staying in target that's the hard part! I've found what works for me is to have Friday and Saturday 'off' ie eat what I like and follow the plans Sun-Thurs. my weigh in is on a Friday morning.

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