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Any chance you could share your meal plan with me please?

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BreakOutTheKaraoke Sun 19-Oct-14 12:26:39

I'm thinking of joining Slimming World, and my sister has just given me her books to have a look at and see if I think it's for me. It's a bit overwhelming to take it all in on a first read!

Any chance that you could share a rough meal plan with me please? I would be doing the Extra Easy to start off with, and I guess with around a stone to lose, around 10 syns a day- would that be about right? I think the main meals would be OK, it's more the breakfast and lunches- how does it fit in with work?

Hope that's not too many questions! I'd ask my sister a lot of these, but as she's a coeliac her diet would differ to mine anyway.

storminabuttercup Sun 19-Oct-14 21:27:30

Haven't planned this week but could give you a list of popular meals we have?

Here goes.

Overnight oats (using healthy B)
Bowl of fruit
Slimming world 'fry up'
Bacon and tomato sandwich (healthy B again)

Slimming world quiche and salad
Homemade soups
Jacket potatoes - I have about ten fillings I use often

Cottage pie, lots of veg with the mince and either leeks or swede in the mash with extra veg on side
Spag Bol. I put grated carrot in to get extra superfree and often have rocket and stuff with it
Burgers and chips lean mince, healthy extra roll, slimming world chips and a nice salad with homemade coleslaw
The famous 'diet coke chicken' sounds vile but I love it.
Campfire stew - gammon, baked beans, garlic and stuff in the slow cooker served with extra veg.
Curries galore - stick peppers, spinach and stuff in, make a chopped salad or katchoomber to go with.
Stews - lean meat, lovely veg etc
Lasagne - as spag Bol but use egg and yoghurt to replace bechamel and use healthy A cheese

Seafood - morrisons do lovely selections
Sushi - those little packets are 2 syns at their highest
Hifi bars - as healthy b (they are quite expensive though)
Cheese and pickles (using healthy a)

Then with syns I tend to use them on dressings and sauces. Maybe extra cheese if I'm in that mood, sometimes an extra bit of bread. Chocolate like curly wurly or freddo. Low syn crisps like French fries, space raiders.

I'm never ever hungry! grin

BreakOutTheKaraoke Mon 20-Oct-14 21:14:32

Thank you for this!

I think I'm going to struggle with 'quick' foods. I've just got in from work, and need something to eat, but I'm not sure what to have! Normally it would be a sandwich or something on toast.

storminabuttercup Mon 20-Oct-14 22:25:28

Omelette? Quicker than a sandwich sometimes!

Dietagainmonday Mon 17-Nov-14 07:30:11

I find cooking in batch and freezing the best option for me.
Soups made with super free veg- I have before meals as my 2/3s as I cannot eat salad everyday.
Chilli con carne with lots of mushrooms, onions, peppers as my 2/3s I don't like tin tomatoes so use passata
Curry- love the mushy pea curry- google it, sounds horrible but its really nice.
Fish, salad and slimming world chips
Good luck

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