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Super speedy food

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Shoegal30 Wed 19-Mar-14 11:21:02

Hi all

I have been regularly losing 1lb a week at SW.

I think I need to up my super speedy food intake to improve the weight loss.

What speedy foods do you eat?

I normally have baked beans for breakfast and strawberry and melon to snack on during the day.

chocolatebuttin22 Fri 21-Mar-14 11:07:27

baked beans are free but not super free. So you still need 1/3 super free when having baked names. Hope that helped x

chocolatebuttin22 Fri 21-Mar-14 11:09:52

I have chopped tomatoes with my cooked breakfast and mushrooms yum they are speed then baked beans are free and filling smile smile

CarolineGB Sat 22-Mar-14 11:33:18

For some reason Chilli really seems to help my weight loss (absolutely no idea why - random, I know!), I use V lean minced beef (5%) and throw in LOADS of veg - butternut squash goes really well in it, couple of tins of tomatoes, pepper and I use lazy chilli to give it a kick. I eat it with plain white rice. Could be the amount of veg so plenty of super speed. Hope this is helpful

TheFutureMrsB Sun 23-Mar-14 22:01:01

I have just made SW speed tomato soup, it's a good way of getting the speed foods in. It's quite nice too, not far off tasting like a branded soup!

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