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How do you keep going?

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happycrimblechuckie Fri 28-Feb-14 22:57:16

I am 2st 10lb lighter than I was 4 months ago. Yey me!! But how do I keep going when everyone says but you look ok as you are, I only have 7lb to target but it is so hard and I know it should be a lifestyle change and believe me it has been but I am staying the same almost every week and it is pissing me off but I can't get back into food optimising when I feel so good about what I have achieved so far and my family say I am ok as I am. But that 7lb is not going to shift when I have no enthusiasm . How do I get myself to target?

IamMrsElf Sat 01-Mar-14 09:15:11

Do you have a dress size that you are aiming for?

It may help to buy an item (usually a gorgeous dress) in that size and then aim to get into it. I have done this and it does work. You still feel good about what you have achieved but it gives you that extra something to aim for.

Some people may disagree and say this is a waste of money, but it's not a waste if you lose the weight and you will, because you can. Stay positive!

RedorBlack Sun 02-Mar-14 09:09:41

Hi op

First things first, congratulations 2.10 in 4 months is amazing - would love to hear any tips, you should've really proud of yourself smile

The last half stone is renowned for being obstinate! But, you set yourself that target for a reason so you will feel terrific when you hit it, and you will hit it. I think the dress idea us great. I'm all about the rewards, so what do you plan todo to celebrate when you get there? Stay focused on that, rather than the weekly weigh in, you'll get there smile

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