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Hate Yoghurts - alternatives please?!!

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cls77 Mon 27-Jan-14 15:27:49

I hate the taste of yoghurts, mullerlight etc, and plain ones make me gag! I am trying, yet again to start SW and am struggling with 2 things.

1) Does anyone know a non yoghurt tasting syn free product that I can eat as a snack, use in white sauces like lasagne etc and freeze like ice cream (like all you lovely muller light lovers do sad )

2) What can I have when I really fancy something to nibble on thats chewy and sweet - like this time of the day (avo) I am at my desk, full from lunch but desperately craving wine gums or jelly beans! I wonder if its best to never eat them again as me and moderation dont seem to work very well!!

Thanks muchlygrin

JimmyCorkhill Mon 27-Jan-14 15:49:16

I made these once.

They worked really well but did just taste like eating raw jelly chunks to me. However, I know that some people love that!

Not sure about yogurt alternatives although chocolate mousses are often only 6 syns or below.

You can also slice a banana into discs and freeze, then blend to make an ice cream (this counts as syns though as you have blended your fruit).

Can you make a regular white sauce for lasagnes etc and count the flour/butter as syns and the milk as an A choice?

Tidypidy Mon 27-Jan-14 15:51:02

I like dried apricots as a healthy extra b choice. Fromage frais or quark are good alternatives to yoghurt.

cls77 Mon 27-Jan-14 16:45:27

Thanks Jimmy will try those, I used to love eating cubed jelly as a child smile
Tidy FF and quark are still as vile to me, dairy and I just don't get on (and the soya versions aren't much better!(

Someone must be the same as me?!! I don't want to use Syns on things that everyone else can have syn free sad

AandAmom Fri 31-Jan-14 20:39:47

I am not keen on muller lite but felt like I was missing out so I bought some ice lolly moulds and poured the muller lite into them.....gorgeous ! Bit like mini milk ice lolly smile

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