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Bloating and no weight loss this week

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Blueuggboots Sun 26-Jan-14 22:57:45

Are you definitely having your 1/3rd super free with each meal, eating until you're comfortably full and drinking plenty?

LittleDragon Sun 26-Jan-14 22:32:15

It could show at next weigh-in.

Have you changed from the red/green plan or are you new to SW? If you're new to SW it could just be due to the change in eating habits. are you using your HE B cos this can sometimes help. It will definitely show on the scales soon if you're following the plan correctly

AandAmom Wed 22-Jan-14 23:10:59

I have been on EE plan for two weeks, loving it and followed it to the letter. I lost one and half pounds first week but nothing this week. I have felt really bloated the last couple of days but would still think I would have lost. Anyone have any suggestions please ?

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