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slimming world honest opinions please?

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Mummyk231 Tue 07-Jan-14 17:35:12

Hi all new to mumsnet, i have a dd 4yr joined ww when she was about 14mth as gained allot of weight during my complicated pregnacy then gained more following, i lost 2 st in the 6 mth i was on it (about a stone away from pre preg weight) before falling pregnant with dd2 now 20mths and have yo yo dieted ever since tried ww again but found it difficult to follow this time, so now decided enough is enough i want the old me back so looking at slimming world.

i have about 2st to lose again 3st if i can to get back below my weight pre dds.
so wanted to know what everyone thinks of slimming world good and bad and those who have been sucesfull if you dont mind sharing id love to know the weight losses you have had and how long it took?

Iusedtosleepbeforehavingkids Fri 10-Jan-14 13:47:00

I lost just shy of 4st (21kg) over a 5-6 month period. For the first month I also did the 30 day shred (30 day exercise programme where you do a 20 min workout following the DVD everyday - not too bad as it is 20 mins a day so I did it after the kids went to bed). After the first month I cut down to exercising 3 times a week (still the 30 day shred, and Davina mcall intense DVD which I like. Just started Zumba classes once a week for some varitey) and try to still do 2 DVDs a week - but sometimes it ends up being 1.
I started in May last year and followed it relgiously until September when I lost most of my weight. Since then I have mostly tried to stick with it (still got 5kg I want to loose to get me into the healthy weight range on those charts) but have had chocolate and wine (being xmas and new year) more than I should but have kept it all off. Biggest change I have made is to cut down on cereal and bread. I skip cereal and have yoghurt and fruit for breakfast most days.
I really love the slimming world diet and think it is easy to follow. Good luck with it.

Revenger Fri 10-Jan-14 17:20:27

Hi, I've just started SW this week for the first time so can't comment on whether it will be successful (first weigh in on Monday).

I've done WW a few times though. The first time I was really successful and lost about 4 stone in 6 months I think it was. Then I went on to have DD1 and 2 and regained quite a lot of the weight. I tried to get back into WW but they had changed the points and I found it such a faff to work out that I invariably failed each time.

I've lost weight in the past on my own but have gained 1.5st this year and was struggling to lose it on my own. So I'm trying SW.

It's so completely different to WW but I must say, so much easier to follow as there is much less weighing and measuring and pointing to be done. I'm hopeful that I will stick to this as the fact that I'm not constantly hungry is really helpful (I'm a binge eater so being full I hope to avoid this). I must say I'm a little apprehensive that I will lose any weight eating this much food.

I'd say go for it. You'll never know unless you try. Registering was free as I had a coupon for the first meeting so just paid £4.95 and got the pack. They sell quite well on eBay if I decide it's not for me after all. I also have about 2st to lose. Good luck op smile.

filingdrivesmemad Mon 13-Jan-14 00:36:58

it will work, just keep getting back onto that wagon,

be patient, it seems at first like its a struggle and like nothing is happening, then you suddenly feel your trousers are loose and the weight then really seems to move
I got fed up with the classes, (I got bored hearing the same people and the same mantra, and the rather silly rounds and applause, and I didn't find anyone friendly (but other people do)) and so I carried on online, but I am a loner so I find groups difficult anyway. I am very glad I went to the groups first though, because I could talk to the group leader there, and it was the only way to get my head round the sw principles and how to combine them with a food allergy

and if you fall off the wagon and pile the weight back on, you are welcomed back at the classes at any time, even years later, with no judgement and loads of people do come back after a year or so

I lost 2 stone 2 years ago, then put it back on after a year, now starting again (just with the books, not paying for online or groups, but sticking to the principles and doing loads of walking) and aiming for 2 1/2 stone loss.

ballstoit Sun 19-Jan-14 12:26:22

I'm at 2.5 stone loss after 6 months (was at 3 but put on over Christmas).

I find it really fits with family life, and love that there's so little counting or calculating.

I enjoy the group, and find it motivating but think this depends on the leader.

makeandcreate Fri 24-Jan-14 12:27:42

I to did SW online and lost 6 1/2 stone from May 12 to April 13 but I didn't agree with all of the principles - I don't eat refined grains (pasta, cereal, rice, cous cous, noodles, flour) very much, they seem to be a trigger for me to overeat (potato is another - I have sweet potato instead). I'll have wholemeal bread or roll every 3-4 days or porridge.
I reached target and then decided I'd add the bread & cereals etc back in, eventually it descended into me eating everything and anything and by Dec 31st with the Xmas blow out I'd gained 25lb!
So joined a class now and tbh not sure it's for me - I don't get any friendly, happy vibe from it but it's a new group and quite cliquey & I've just moved to the area. So am following the success express & green/original days - lost 8lb since Jan 1st so far, which is ok - I think I need the structure of SW to keep focused for now but I'm not taking the plan as gospel.

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