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Any Day of Doomers out there?

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ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Mon 06-Jan-14 12:35:59

I'm doing the walk of shame back to class on Wednesday having completely failed to keep the weight off on my own sad

LakeFlyPie Mon 06-Jan-14 23:32:25

Yep me, I'm on a mission to be 40 and slim (1.5 stones in 16 weeks should be do-able).

I'm not going to go to meetings so would love to have the Doomers kicking my arse support.

Do I know you? <sleuthlike hmm>

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Tue 07-Jan-14 06:55:01

Oh God I went under many names, always with chocolate at the front and was generally just called Choc. I changed it back so I would be recognized by fellow doomers to an old name, was last seen as ChocolateBridesmaid on the doomer board smile

I have probably kicked your arse in the past but don't recognize your name.....I did have a five point plan that others had better luck at following than I did sad

Four months...1.5 stone that is easy as long as you want it. Even if some weeks you just loose 1lb you will do it.

I have just finished my celebrations for that birthday which is why the weight has to come off, I completely over indulged but loved every second...last time I was this weight, I was heavily pregnant!

Dreading that walk of shame tomorrow...she will have a look that says, I knew you'd be back...damn.

rheasmummy Tue 07-Jan-14 14:06:49

I have done the walk of shame today and joined up. Even up to half an hour before the meeting I was talking myself out of it and just thinking "I can do this without meetings" but past history contradicts this. I feel better for going smile loads of people joined today, the room was full!! Quite comforting knowing I'm not the only one. I have 3 stone to lose but am motivated now smile

Huffpot Tue 07-Jan-14 14:52:47

Hey choc
It's all got very quiet on here smile

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Tue 07-Jan-14 15:04:48

Huff ! There you are! Any sign of FHF or Bee?

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Tue 07-Jan-14 15:07:27

Rheasmummy I totally agree re the classes and I'm looking to loose 3 stone too.What about you Huff ? How are you getting on?

LakeFlyPie Tue 07-Jan-14 20:32:24

Evening smile
Well done on your walks of shame guys, did it motivate you to really go for it?
Fab 1st week and all that.
Would love to hear your 5 point plan choc
I did a big shop today and have an abundance of superfree so am prepared and ready to go.
Will weigh in tomorrow morning. I haven't been on the scales for several months but my clothes tell me to prepare for bad news blush

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Wed 08-Jan-14 08:04:05

Today's the day for the walk of shame, well tonight at 5.30 ...

Hope your weigh in isn't too painful Lake dreading mine later, still half hoping the scales at home have gone bonkers, however my clothes not fitting kind of back the scales up...damn.

Going to sign up for a twelve week package if they still do them as that will motivate me

Rhea did you do a package?

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Wed 08-Jan-14 19:03:39

Well SW scales have me heavier than my home scales! Darn.

rheasmummy Wed 08-Jan-14 20:33:14

No I didn't do the countdown but I can see it helping with motivation so I might do it next time. My scales had me lighter than the SW ones too. It wasn't pleasant when I stepped on them! Doing well so far, I'm using the online food diary which is really helpful to keep track.

TreacleMoon123 Wed 08-Jan-14 22:09:38

Just did the walk of shame back to sw tonight. Haven't been since start of December. Was up ahem 10lbs!! Need a good kick up the arse.

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Wed 08-Jan-14 23:29:33

I did a six week plan to start as joining fee was waived. The class was packed. Need to plan and use the food diary. Here's hoping for a good first week...

TreacleMoon123 Wed 08-Jan-14 23:44:24

In a strange way I'm kinda looking forward to getting back into it all again. I've been feeling like shite lately

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Thu 09-Jan-14 08:20:19

I know what you mean, I've been snoring heavily st night and my knee joints are sore. Hopefully both will be gone soon along with the excess weight.

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Thu 09-Jan-14 08:24:57

Day one

B - pink grapefruit, ff yogurt, grapes and boiled egg.

L - home made syn free veg soup with pitta

D- turkey stir fry in a tomatoey sauce with mangetout and baked potato.

Fruit as snacks

no syns today...well thats the plan anyway smile

TreacleMoon123 Thu 09-Jan-14 09:38:28

Think I'll try and avoid syns today too..
B. 2 weetabix with skimmed milk, banana and a mug of green tea

L. Omelette with salad, muller light

D. I don't know yet.. I'm going to have a flick through the new mag for some inspiration. Hope everyone has a good day wink

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Fri 10-Jan-14 07:14:24

Sugar free Polos helped with my sweet craving yesterday so used 1 syn <polishes halo>

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Sun 12-Jan-14 13:14:31

I'm doing well according to my diary plan on line, I've used 19 syns as of should only rack up another 5. Feeling positive for this week's weigh in smile

santasballsack Mon 13-Jan-14 19:11:21

i rejoined last friday so halfway through my first week now! not doing too bad if i dont count the big mac i ate on saturday!

Huffpot Wed 15-Jan-14 13:08:21

sorry for slow reply choc!
I'm pregnant again and just getting back to eating relatively normally due to sickness. am debating clambering back on the wagon very soon but probably just as home as I know I'm gonna get fatter for sure wink
FHF is mainly on FB these days as are most of the otherssmile

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Wed 15-Jan-14 17:48:49

Huff that's wonderful news, I am delighted for you, have a hand squeeze from me smile

ChocolateBubbleBarsmakemefat Wed 15-Jan-14 17:50:19

At weigh in lost 3.5lbs which is not a bad start I thought I'd only lost 2 so that was a nice surprise smile how are the rest of you getting on?

Huffpot Wed 15-Jan-14 20:08:09

Thanks grin
3.5lbs is better than a kick in the teeth! well done!

EvaBeaversProtege Thu 23-Jan-14 21:58:38

Hello!!!!! grin

I just stumbled across this thread again!!

I'm back on wagon & weigh about a stone more than I did at my lightest, but am working my way back to where i was!!!

Holidays in 3,weeks...

(FHF) wink

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