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Slimming World friendly treats for Christmas hamper for my Mum?

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bountyicecream Sat 30-Nov-13 22:25:21

Does such a thing exist?

My Mum has had fantastic success with SW and lost approx 2 stone. But I know it has taken a lot of hard work and discipline.

I would like to make her a treat hamper for Christmas but really don't want to undo all her good work.

Can anyone suggest any goodies that could go into it?


iklFaceOfBooe Sat 30-Nov-13 22:32:45

Most meats - eg naice ham are free
Most fish - inc smoked salmon is free
She can eat most cheeses if she counts them as her healthy a choice
Melba toasts are 1/2 syn each - I think the small water biscuits are too
All fresh fruit is free
A lot of chutneys / jams are as low as 1/2 syn per teaspoon

bountyicecream Sat 30-Nov-13 23:02:51

Ooh good ideas there - thanks

iklFaceOfBooe Sun 01-Dec-13 00:30:30

If I waive this thread at DH d'you think he'll make me a hamper? grin

midori1999 Sun 01-Dec-13 19:07:02

If you want 'treat' things, curly wurlys, freddos, maltesers and marshmallows are low in 'syns'.

Bithurt Sun 01-Dec-13 19:27:32

Depending on what you're spending, you could add a voucher for a store for when she drops a dress size!

gaggiagirl Sun 01-Dec-13 19:37:39

highlights or options hot chocolate.
Snack a jacks
Laughing cow light
Very low fat mayo
Posh liquid stock

ballstoit Fri 13-Dec-13 07:11:29

Jars of peppers in brine, pickled onions etc.
Dried mushrooms.
Spice mixes.
Douwe Egbert's have flavoured coffees which are syn free.
Maybe some cute Tupperware/Water Bottle/Little Flask.
If she drinks, then little bottles of wine are good as they're pretty measured and can't tempt you to a second glass grin

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