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Stand in Consultant had different scales.

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happycrimblechuckie Wed 20-Nov-13 12:50:11

My consultant is on holiday for 2 weeks and he sent a stand in, but she bought her own scales, now almost everyone in the class had dissapointing results this week, the stand in said all scales weigh the same as they are calibrated, but this cannot be right.. I was gutted as I had had a fab week and put on half a pound, now I know if it is the scales it will right itself when my consultant gets back but that doesnt help me when I go home and eat treacle tart as I am so pissed off about the scales thing. Just wanted to know as I am new to SW does this happen in other groups and has anyone herd of this discrepency before or am I deluding myself that I had a fab week?!!?

Mulberrystreet Fri 22-Nov-13 22:15:12

This happened to me! Had a stand in and the scales showed a good result (about 2.5lb loss I think), putting me a pound away from losing a stone. Went the next week back to my usual consultant after being really good all week, expecting to get my stone, to be told the stand in had set up the scales wrong and therefore no ones results were right! The correctly set up scales then showed I'd put on 0.5lb. I know only a tiny gain, but when I was so expecting a good result it was so disheartening!

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