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Slimming world help!!!

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Steph119988 Thu 14-Nov-13 07:00:34

Hi everyone
I am completely new to this! I've done slimming world in the past before I had my baby and found it so easy BUT after having baby (he's 5 months) I just cannot get myself to stick to it!!! I'm so determined every Monday and I get fed up by Wednesday! Does anyone have any encouraging words or advice?! It would be well received smile

higgle Thu 14-Nov-13 07:38:46

What is the problem area? is it the meals themselves or wanting to eat other stuff? I have lost just over 2 1/2 stone with SW but I constantly feel on the slide at the moment and snack between getting home and DH arriving back for supper. So far I've managed to maintain but it is very much a case of a pound on one week and a pound off the next.

Steph119988 Thu 14-Nov-13 16:02:06

Thank you higgle and a huge well done for your weight loss! I think I've got too much of a sweet tooth at the moment and I'm always hungry!! I have the right intentions but I just can't stick to it ;(

Rockchick1984 Thu 14-Nov-13 18:30:42

Are you breastfeeding? I couldn't stick to a diet at all while I was!

Could you save up your syns so you can have a treat day at the weekend (presuming you get weighed on Monday) then you know you've got it to look forward to? Also, are you drinking enough, I'm always more hungry if I'm a bit dehydrated!

Steph119988 Thu 14-Nov-13 20:10:01

No I'm not breast feeding anymore. I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment I'm desperately craving sweets! The dehydration thing makes sense. I'll try that. I'll start again tomorrow sad thank you for your help! x

afromom Thu 14-Nov-13 20:13:03

I joined 3 weeks ago. Last week was hard, but the first 2 went well. I have joined a Facebook group called slimming world syns, which is really supportive and people post recipes and ideas all through the day, which keep me thinking about nice syn free/low things that I can make. That has really kept me going as it has given me loads info ideas that I would never have thought of on my own!

Good luck! grin

Steph119988 Thu 14-Nov-13 21:24:22

Brilliant! Thank you. I'll join that on Facebook now. I'm struggling so much with the sweet stuff! I always preferred savory until I had my little boy! I'm ok with the breakfasts and dinners. It's the lunch and snacking I have problems with x

afromom Fri 15-Nov-13 15:08:05

I've been making slimming world weetabix banana muffins. They work out at 0.5 syns each if you use weetabix as HEB, or 1.5 if not. Really easy to make and a bit like cupcakes.
I used 4 eggs, 4 weetabix, 1mashed banana (that's the synned bit) and a toffee muller light. You can use any muller light, strawberry is also nice and next I think I will try the banana custard one. It makes 12 big muffins and they taste ok!

Also I've seen a recipe on there for jelly sweets. It uses jelly with extra gelatine mixed in and some sort of jelly, gelatine, milk mix. They are meant to be really tasty. Haven't tried them yet as I'm not bothered about sweets so much but might be worth a search. The SW ferrero rocher were good too! Chocolate spread melted and mixed with rivita/weetabix then add a bit of golden syrup to sweeten. They are 1stn each I think.

I have a sweet tooth too!!!��

Steph119988 Fri 15-Nov-13 18:41:38

Those banana cakes sound lovely! Thank you for your help! I'm definitely going to try those. I'll report back smile also melted chocolate spread and weetabix sounds good to me! That'll keep me busy this weekend, thank you!

Vikki88 Sat 16-Nov-13 00:07:33

I am sooooooo tempted to rejoin Slimming World but I don't know if it's pointless with Christmas being just round the corner?

I mentioned it on here the other day, but I did so well last time I was on it & managed to drop a couple of dress sizes which I was chuffed to bits with. Since leaving though I've started putting weight back on (clothes feeling tighter sad) & my night time eating habits are horrendous at the minute. I'm thinking I don't just need the SW group environment to lose weight but also to keep it off?! hmm

BikeRunSki Sat 16-Nov-13 06:37:36

I lost 3 stone with SW late last year/ beginning of this. I found it handy to have a plan of what I was going to eat when, recognising my weak moments - I find the getting to dinner time difficult to - so, maybe something like:

Breakfast - 3 egg omelette, with Quinn sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, tea.
10am - Alpen light bar, banana, tea
Lunch - Jacket spud,beans, cottage cheese, salad with light dressing,
5pm ish - bowl of cashew nuts and grapes or Alpen Light bar. Or something from syns. I usually had my syns here.
Dinner - pasta, veg sauce, Mullerlight, fruit

I tried to have some standard meals with no syns (spud, beans, cottAGe cheese / veg chilli and rice / veg sauce and pasta / omelette etc) and also some packed lunch ideas (Tuna salad/ soup and Babybels/home made low dat hummous and veg sticks ) so I could be prepared for most situations.

BikeRunSki Sat 16-Nov-13 06:40:13

Also - tea with a sweetner in when I got home from work seemed to curb cravings for sweet stuff, as long I also are at the same time.

Steph119988 Sat 16-Nov-13 10:31:38

That's a great loss! Well done to you both! My clothes are definitely getting tighter too. I am going to give the tesco diet another go from Monday. I did this 4 years ago and I lost a lot in 6 weeks and kept it off. I think the unlimited food in slimming world gets people over excited and when you slip up, you certainly know about it. I think we need to teach our tummys some discipline smile

Vikki88 Sat 16-Nov-13 21:42:58

Agreed. Time to show our tummys who's boss!

I've never tried the Tesco diet before. Good luck with it! smile

Steph119988 Sat 16-Nov-13 22:25:26

The tummy is definitely the boss at the moment :-/ good luck to you if you decide to re-join slimming world x

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