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An sticking to plan but not loosing.

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buttercupyellow Sun 27-Oct-13 21:50:04

Just wondered if any one else has experienced this? I started SW 8 weeks ago and about 4 1/2 stone over the top end of healthy BMI, so plenty to loose. I lost 1/2 stone in the first two weeks and have hovered within about 1 1/2lbs either side of this weight for the last six weeks!
One week I'll loose a pound, next week it goes back on.

There was one week four weeks ago where I had a blowout at the weekend.
Apart from that I've stuck to the plan religiously. There's been the odd day when I've gone over my 15 syns but then made up for it in subsequent days. I promise I'm not cheating! If I grate 32g of cheese, the 2g goes back in the packet and if I bite the end off ds's cereal bar I count it as half a bar etc. I don't actually find it that hard to not cheat on this diet as all the free and SF food keeps me satisfied..

I stay to the group sessions every week and hear how everyone else puts on weight if they go off plan but looses weight if they stick to it. Has anyone else done SW, followed it properly for a sustained period of time and not lost weight or am I really missing something? Before now I've tried WW and calorie counting. Both worked when I stuck to the diet so I know I'm capable of loosing weight but it just doesn't seem to be happening with SW..

I do feel that I'm eating a lot of food but it is all on the free list and I'm always mindful of the 1/3 super free portions. My inkling is that my portion sizes are too big but SW doesn't seem to think there is such a thing. Does everyone else consciously limit their 'no limits' food? If so, how do you know how much you can have?

Spirulina Mon 28-Oct-13 10:32:55

Slimming works can't offer 'free' foods and expect you to lose weight consistently!!

This diet is well known for being dodgy. The old green day system where PASTA was a free 'eat as much as you like' food messed up my entire SW class. It was rubbish

You don't seem to mention exercise??

Primrose123 Mon 28-Oct-13 10:35:29

It didn't work for me and I stuck to it. DH and I did it for nine months. He lost 4 stone, and was slimmer of the week etc. I lost nothing. sad

JennyOnAPlate Tue 29-Oct-13 15:28:25

You can definitely eat too big portions on sw and there is such a thing as eating too much. My consultant always emphasises that you should eat until you feel comfortably full, not stuffed, and only eat when you're genuinely hungry.

Are you drinking plenty of water?

I stick to just fruit or 0% fat yoghurts if I'm hungry between meals, and use my syns on an extra slice of toast or a dollop of ketchup etc.

Can you post a typical day's food diary?

buttercupyellow Wed 30-Oct-13 12:56:39

Well I'm as its not just me! I don't think I drink enough water. Tend to have quite a lot of tea and coffee instead so that's something to work on.
Am a bit slack with exercise bit if anything I've done more recently because I have a horse and I've had to start mucking out every day now and walking 1/4mile down a muddy track to her field pushing a buggy twice a day. I'll be honest I could do more and again, SW doesn't seem to put much emphasis on this..

Sounds most likely that its the amount of food I'm eating. If it sounds too good to be true...

Yesterday I ate:
B: banana, yogurt, 2 x alpen lights
L: mushroom omelette (3 eggs) with 1tsp butter and 30g cheddar. 1/2 plate of salad
D: mushroom risotto (shopping day tomorrow - need some different veggies!!). I didn't measure the portions but I can tell you I had a reasonable bowl full, still felt peckish and went back for another ladle full.
S: another Apen light, 1x muller light vanilla, 1x options Belgian choc, 40g iced fruit cake, grapes, kiwi fruit, banana.

Total Syns - 15

higgle Thu 31-Oct-13 14:25:06

Although all this fits in the rules it just seems like too much food to me!
I've lost 2 stone11 lb with SW but now I have discovered the art of maintenance about a stone before I should have and have not lost anything at all ( or put anything on) for a month. I just think full SW rations is too much to loose weight once you are past the first stone or two. If I was eating your menu I'd have the yoghurt and banana or the Alpen lights for breakfast, 2 egg omelette cooked in frylite if you need anything at all to fry with, substitute cheese for some chopped herbs.
The risotto would be a small portion with salad or veg and I'd just have the fruit for snacks. I'd find that plenty to eat, and still probably wouldn't loose any weight!

Rockchick1984 Wed 06-Nov-13 21:52:56

Try cutting down to 10 syns a day instead of 15, my consultant used to get everyone to start on 10, with a view to changing it if needed.

I also think personally that you've had 3 huge meals, I would have had 2 large meals then one small so for example maybe a salad for lunch as you had the large breakfast. You also don't need so many snacks, I'd have got rid of the fruit cake and alpen bar.

You need to be eating to satisfy your hunger, but not eating unlimited amounts just because its free.

Nettee Thu 07-Nov-13 11:53:53

I found that I lost better if I limited my fruit intake and measured my carbs to a healthy B portion per meal (ie 120 cal). I did even better if I added in some Red days.

newfavouritething Thu 14-Nov-13 14:47:57

If it helps, I tend to judge the third superfree on weight as well as appearance. A half plate of lettuce looks a lot, ticks the boxes etc, but unless it's packed with more dense veg, I don't find it filling so miss out on part of a meal iyswim.
I know it sounds harsh, but having the weekend blowout and the 'odd days' of going over syns all counts.
And this really flies in the face of all that slimming world is about, but how late do you eat? Would the risotto be better at lunchtime and eat lighter in the evening? And well done for the third alpen lite bar - wouldn't dare do it as they make me fart for England!

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