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I don't think I'm doing this right.

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FlouncyMcFlouncer Thu 10-Oct-13 16:09:39

Rejoined SW this week and am on the Extra Easy plan. When I was a member years ago it was old-style with red and green days.

I thought the EE seemed easy to follow until I just realised I'm not eating anywhere near enough Superfree foods. How on earth are you supposed to fill a third of your meal every time with this stuff? I'm very inexperienced with veg (was brought up in a very unadventurous household) and tend to stick to what I know - cauli, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, peppers, mushrooms...

Does it HAVE to be a third of every meal? I'm eating plenty of fruit, will a third of my overall diet be enough?

Imnotaslimjim Thu 10-Oct-13 16:17:56

In reality, yes a 3rd of your meal should be superfree. You'll see better weight losses for it. However, when I followed SW, I didn't always and still saw 2 or 3lbs off a week

KeepTryin Fri 11-Oct-13 00:39:04

I think part of the theory of having a third of your plate fruit or veg is to help fill you up eg if I had a baked potato and cottage cheese or a baked potato with cottage cheese and a big salad id feel fuller for longer and less likely to need a dessert or a calorie dense snack later.

TriumphGirl Mon 21-Oct-13 15:47:29

I know what you mean Flouncy, I've never done SW before but am struggling a bit with eating 2/3 superfree foods, I'm eating plenty fruit but not enough veg, anyway the scales will tell me how I've done on Wed night! hmm Good luck x

ballstoit Tue 22-Oct-13 18:14:47

Could you give an idea of meals so we can make helpful suggestions. I tend to have fruit with breakfast in the week eg weetabix with apple, melon and kiwi fruit: homemade veg soup, salad or leftovers for lunch and then dinner is a bit more varied.

If I'm having a traditional style dinner eg roast, cottage pie, stew then I have carrots and swede, brocolli, cabbage and cauli with it. If it's jacket spuds, curry or chilli I put veg in/with it and then have a small side salad. I also make tomato based pasta sauce with mushrooms, onion, celery, courgettes, peppers etc in and then add mince or chicken or leave as veggie.

I don't tend to snack on fruit or veg, as it seems to make me hungrier...usually have boiled egg, a cereal bar (healthy b) , fat free yoghurt or synned food for snacks.

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