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Really losing motivation, need a good talking to!

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Doodledumdums Fri 27-Sep-13 21:05:40

I have been sticking to SW, but the weight loss is so slow and I am finding it really tough over the past few days. I ate 50g of cheese and a fairy cake today, and now feel really guilty! I have another 2 stone to lose, which I know is achievable, but I was so good last week and only lost 1/2lb, which is nothing, prior to that I had been consistently losing 2lb a week. I have made a massive effort this week to make sure that I have lots and lots of superfree to fill me up, and have cut back on the amount of potatoes and pasta I was eating, but I sneakily weighed myself earlier and have apparently put on weight? I really am dreading weigh-in on Monday as if I haven't lost any weight then I know I am going to end up throwing in the towel and drowning myself in haribo sad

I really need to lose this weight, my self confidence is terrible and I feel awful, I am just so fed up with being overweight. I'm going back to work after maternity leave in 8 weeks, and I promised myself that I would go back to work a new woman, i've picked a new hairstyle and will buy new clothes etc to try and make myself feel good about going back. I'll be so upset if I have to go back like this.

I'm beginning to think maybe this diet isn't for me? I've only lost 8lb in 5 weeks which doesn't seem very good. Does SW just not work for some people? Some people in my group are consistently losing 5lb a week!

KeepTryin Fri 27-Sep-13 23:51:31

I've just restarted SW and I will be thrilled if I lose at the rate you have. You are doing well! Consistent 2lb losses are great! Lots of factors could have caused the 1/2lb loss such as being pre-menstrual or water retention. Weight fluctuates daily. Try not to weigh mid week as it can be dis-heartening. 1/2lb is still a loss! Have you set yourself some mini weight loss goals? You could try a fad diet for more extreme loss but the likelihood is that you wouldn't stick with it as you'd be hungry and end up binging on bad food. Have you been using all your syns? If not I wouldn't stress about the cheese and fairy cake. Treat each day as a new beginning. Hope you stick with it, you're doing great! smile

Doodledumdums Sat 28-Sep-13 21:57:56

Yeah I have set mini weight loss goals, but the weeks just seem to go by and the goals just seem far away still! Not helped by weeks where I lose 1/2lb! I know I should stick with it, but I just feel that something isn't working well for me and I need to do something differently but i'm not sure what yet.

Dieting is so frustrating!

Well done for restarting, hope it goes well for you smile

JimmyCorkhill Thu 07-Nov-13 17:44:43

I only lose 1lb per week. Sometimes only half a pound. It's really frustrating when people lose up to 7lbs and it's even more annoying when they say they didn't stick to the plan either grrr.
Have you tried returning to green or original days? I've started doing some green days as you get more healthy extras (1 or 2 a choices and 2 b choices). A lady in my group stalled for ages, began doing half the week as red days and the weight loss sped up.
I have been going this time! for just over 6 months and I've lost nearly 3 stone in this slow way. My consultant says that slow and steady weight loss is easier to maintain long term. A lot of the 'big losers' in my group also seem to have big gains as well.
Have you tried flexible syns? I know lots of members who allow themselves a weekly takeaway/night out without counting the syns. It stops them feeling deprived.

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