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weight maintenance

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moanyhole Thu 19-Sep-13 18:00:59

hello!ive reached my target on sw but consultant wasnt too informative as to what happens next.she just said to add in extra that right?i kinda thought there'd be more to it than that?!

Mogz Fri 20-Sep-13 09:49:15

Congratulations on reaching you goal weight! My friend has been maintaining her weight for just over a year now after SW and she mainly adds more healthy extras and syns to her daily diet, then pops herself on the scales every two weeks to make sure she's not over done it.

OvertiredandConfused Fri 20-Sep-13 10:47:44

Well done! Great feeling isn't it?!

I've been at target for just over a year now - lost almost 4 stone with SW.

The official line is to add in HEs and try not to build up the syns too much. There's a target members area on SW Online.

What I do is try hard to stick pretty much to plan most of the time so I don't need to stress if I have the odd day, weekend or two week holiday off plan. I have the odd piece of cake when there's a birthday at work, a couple of glasses of wine a couple of times a week, fries at lunchtime now and then.

I also know my own triggers. I can't have just a couple of biscuits. Bread bloats me ridiculously.

I weigh at home every morning but only pay real attention to the weight on my official weigh-in day IYSWIM. That allows me to relax about a small gan and when when I need to reign it in.

Ideally, I try to be 1lb or 2lbs below target, but in range, so I have some flexibility. I'm at the top of my range at the moment following a great foodie holiday but I've never weighed out of range.

Finally, do still go to a group if you can. I weigh every two-three weeks and try to stay at least once a month.

moanyhole Fri 20-Sep-13 18:35:35

thanks so much to you both for the replies. Yes Im delighted. 4 stone down and not at all painful.
I'm finding it a bit strange adding in the extra HE this eve- Its like I think Ill balloon if I start eating more.
Still though I wont turn the extra food down all the same- I just need to get used to it.
I think I add in one HE a day and if still losing add in another etc etc

thanks again to you both and congrats to you both too!

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