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Slow start?

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ThenAgain Tue 27-Aug-13 19:33:36

I've got three stone to lose and started two weeks ago. My first weigh in I lost 2lb and my second today was 1lb. I think a few weeks in I'd be ok with this but a bit worried it's so little to start with (worried will dwindle to nothing next week), maybe not the diet for me?

Anyone else have a slow start that worked out ok?

ShiftyFades Wed 28-Aug-13 06:38:42

I'm similar: 3lb last week, 1lb this week.
I think it's not a bad thing, this is healthy eating rather than a diet. But by limiting / being aware of the things that are good for you in big quantities, you end up losing weight.

Try writing down your syns or everything you eat so you can see exactly what you've eaten and how many syns.

A loss is still a loss! Well done grin

ShiftyFades Wed 28-Aug-13 06:39:19

Aren't good for you^

englishteacher78 Wed 28-Aug-13 06:42:44

I only lost 1lb in my first week and never lost more than 4 over the all year but I did get to my target. It was just annoying when DH got Slimmer of the Week most weeks.

gaggiagirl Wed 28-Aug-13 06:51:10

I was a slow burner on sw too never lost big numbers just a pound or two.

I left after losing two stone and lost another stone and a half calorie counting but still never big numbers.

Some people are slow burners but you will get there! Slow and steady wins the race smile

ThenAgain Wed 28-Aug-13 15:37:37

Thanks, it helps to know it might still work, it just seems like a major effort for such a small amount (at this stage). I feel like if I had one blowout it could all be back on in one go :D

higgle Thu 29-Aug-13 10:18:30

I've seldom lost more than 2lb, usually 1 or 1.5. I started in Mid March and I got my 2 1/2 stone sticker yesterday, so you do get there in the end. Apart from one week where I put on 1lb ( and my mother was in hospital so I was staying in her house which is full of chocolate and icecream etc etc) I have never failed to lose something. I think the long term bonding with the group and getting new ways of eating embedded into your system is a good idea to help with maintenance later on. I have another stone to go and hope to get to target for my holiday at the end of November.

MrsBeep Tue 03-Sep-13 08:49:10

Everyone will be different as we all have different amounts to lose. I have A LOT to lose, so I have had quite a good start (9.5 lbs in 6 weeks), but it's still steady losing. Persevere, you will get there. smile

PrincessKitKat Tue 03-Sep-13 09:21:25

I find SW really slow for smaller losses.

Could you give the original (red) plan a go? Its not as user friendly in terms of what you can eat but but its lower carb and worked better for some folks.

Zumbasmyfave Sat 07-Sep-13 10:11:21

When I did ww years ago I lost approx 3-4 lb a week but I put it all back on again.. When I decided to just eat healthily, not deny myself of treats and get exercise I lost about 1lb a week and I've always kept it off for the past 3yrs:-) I think slimming world has all the right ideas! Xxx

SummerHoliDidi Sat 07-Sep-13 10:41:48

I'm doing sw and it does seem to be quite slow going for me. I got my 1 st award today after 11 weeks. I have been disappointed in how little I'm losing each week especially when I see someone else who joined after me and has now lost 2 and a half stone.

I am sticking with it though as I AM losing weight and I'm now wearing a smaller size in trousers. Apparently you are more likely to keep it off if you lose 1-2 lbs per week.

Are you eating enough free food? I always seem to lose a bit more on weeks when I've eaten BIG but free meals. I'd give it a few more weeks, writing everything down, before you despair. Good luck.

CressidaMontgomery Sun 22-Sep-13 10:31:47

Losses can be slow on SW because of this free food thing.

All food has a calorific value so it makes sense not to go overboard and don't eat pasta / rice / potatoes with every meal. Up the veg and protein , lower the carbs and the weight will shift quicker

ThenAgain Tue 24-Sep-13 23:24:09

Thanks bygone, t did speed up a bit. I'm at 6 weeks now and have lost 11 pounds, so feeling better about it!

ThenAgain Tue 24-Sep-13 23:24:43

Thanks everyone, even!

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