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Oh dear lord!

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englishteacher78 Mon 19-Aug-13 10:37:09

Just got on scales this morning. I seem to have put on 2 1/2 stone since I got married in December - that is really crappy hmm
Must get running again and start back up on slimming world again.

MrsWembley Mon 19-Aug-13 10:42:05

You've been having a lovely relaxed time, by the sound of it.grin

It also sounds like you've done it before, so it should be easy to shift what you want to get rid of. Do you want or need to lose all that you've put on?

englishteacher78 Mon 19-Aug-13 10:46:53

At least two stone of it needs to come of really.
It was probably not the best plan to weigh myself today as we were at the Great British Beer Festival on Friday with lots of yummy food being consumed and then a three course meal at Garfunkel's the next night after the theatre. Oh well, at least now I know I can make sure it doesn't get any worse!

MrsWembley Mon 19-Aug-13 20:03:07

Yes, that does sound like fun.grin

It is do-able, it's not hard on SW if you plan properly and (if you follow my example and it doesn't have to come off quickly for any reason) you can still have the occasional enjoyable time with beer and wine and cheese.wink

englishteacher78 Wed 21-Aug-13 06:49:31

Hooray. Week started at a dreadful 13.8 now down to 13.1 3/4.
It was weight I put on quickly (honeymoon) whilst not doing exercise and eating crap, I'm now eating better and exercising again - although I did have meatballs and a little cake at IKEA yesterday!

Poetnojo Wed 21-Aug-13 21:54:33

You lost over 6 lb in your first week? Wow, that's great, I had my first WI this evening and I'm down 3, delighted with that, would love to loose that much every week.

MrsWembley Wed 21-Aug-13 23:21:04

Well done! That first week back is marvellous, isn't it! You suddenly realise it's not going to be that hard and you feel fabulous.grin

Poet, a lot of people lose a lot in their first week - something to do with the sudden change in diet, the effect on metabolism, the fact that when you start this you tend to stay on track more.

Keeping a food diary, I find, helps keep you on track as you progress.wink

englishteacher78 Thu 22-Aug-13 05:57:26

The reason I've lost so much to start with is immediately before I was eating complete junk food crap, drinking a little too much (beer festival) and doing little to no exercise. Hence the dramatic first week weight loss. My DH has lost more, but then he has more to lose.

Poetnojo Thu 22-Aug-13 23:18:44

I have lost a stone by myself in the last 3 months or so just by trying to cut back on crap, but I was still eating loads of bread, I can never usually think what to have for lunch if I'm not having bread!
Anyhow, my weight loss had kinda stalled and I have heard great things about SW so thought I would give it a go, I have already paid for the first 6 weeks so I would keep at it and see how it goes.

Poetnojo Wed 28-Aug-13 23:00:16

2nd WI tonight and I'm down 7 lbs.
1st week I was down 3 lb
This week another 4

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