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recipe ideas for taster night - help needed!

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VelvetSpoon Fri 09-Aug-13 19:28:40

My SW club are having a taster night next week - normally I just bring fruit but I have been nominated for something - which I am v blush about, so feel I should make an effort!

It needs to be something cold, that I can prep the day before, as when I get home from work I literally have 2 mins to grab my book and water and walk to class...oh, easily portable as well as I'll be carrying it there!

Any ideas....?

gaggiagirl Fri 09-Aug-13 19:35:01

Lasagne crisps and tomato salsa the crisp recipe should be searchable on the sw site.

Sweet potato chips with fat free garlic yogurt dip.

Muller yogurt rice pudding.

Fruit or veg kebab skewers.

Pastry free quiche.

Good luck and enjoy taster nights are great.

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