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Can anyone help me do a 7 day SW menu on a budget with 4 dc ?

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Thesebootsweremadeforwalking Wed 04-Sep-13 21:24:56

Slow cooker is also fabulous for Irish stew, which DH always says is better on the 2nd day (when the potatoes have broken down) so I always make double.

glenthebattleostrich Sun 14-Jul-13 21:40:38

Sainsbury's do extra lean mince 3 packs for £10, usually lasts a month. I make:

Burgers - finely chop an onion and some mushrooms, mix in an egg, a little tomato puree and some wourchestershire sauce. Form into burgers and grill.

Cottage pie - bulk the mince out with onion, either lentils or a tin of baked beans and carrots

spag bol, chilli - again bulk the mince out with lentils

Veg pasta bake - any veg lurking in the fridge, chopped and covered in a spicy tomato sauce, cheese as healthy a

meatball pasta bake (Sainsbury's extra lean pork mince 2 packs for £6), use the second pack for pork and apple burgers.

I've made up most of these this weekend and popped htem in the freezer for the week ahead.

1stMrsFrugal Thu 11-Jul-13 21:36:14

PS also to use up eggs Spanish Omelette or Frittata

1stMrsFrugal Thu 11-Jul-13 21:35:31

This is just the sort of thread I came looking for, so hope some others post too. I try to do
S roast
M stir fry/curry with leftover meat
W pasta or rice dish
Th veggie (see below) or soup or salad
F chilli or curry or stir fry (whatever not had already)
S brunch eggs, bacon or smoked salmon etc. tea slow cook casserole or risotto or BBQ

Here are some ideas:

Fried rice - cook some rice and ideally leave to go cold (could do night before?) stir fry chopped ham/prawns/leftover roast meat and veggies in frylight or v small amount olive oil. Add rice and stir fry. Add beaten egg. (Allow 50-60g rice plus one egg per person). Add soy sauce and serve.

Roast chicken, new potatoes, seasonal veggies and /or salad. Use any leftovers (even tiny scaps enough) for fried rice next day.

Tuna pasta bake - tomato sauce, tinned tuna, veggies (frozen soinach, peas, sweetcorn all would work and cheap). Cheese could be healthy A.

To lower the weekly cost have one night be jackets and beans or beans on toast or fishfingers (2 syns each) and beans etc.

Slow cooker is v good for homemade bolognaise, or chilli (i like to use pork mince and mixed beans, which is a bit different but also cheap. Add Aldi chorizo for great flavour but additional Syns!). Also, a favourite here a sort of summer minestrone with butternut squash, cannelini beans, pancetta and whatever veg is about - courgettes, peppers and some sort of greens work particularly well) with tinned toms, stock and some cooked pasta in at the end. Give the kids plenty of garlic bread to dip.

fakeblondie Wed 10-Jul-13 10:34:34

Im a busy mum of 4 ( 1 away at uni home weekends ) and I work shifts .
I desperate to lose 7 pounds in 4-5 weeks but struggle because eim always dashing in at 7pm unorganised with a bag of food from Tesco.
Im trying to save and don't like using highly salted or procedded food so we usually cook from fresh most nights which is why I struggle I think.
I seem to even lack half an hour to meal plan !
DC are ages 20 17 10 and 3.
We usually eat together.
Love slow cooker if I could be organised to use it more.
Also love things like onions garlic tinned toms seem to make a lot of meals based on those 3 for some reason !
have plenty of eggs and frozen fish to use up this week.
I like to use my sins on wine hmm ot G and T in this weather !
Any tips of hugely time saving menu which is low cost I would really appreciate.
I also tend miss breakfast often miss lunch and then eat like a horse from 8pm onwards which is a habit I need to break x

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