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Did anyone put a young baby in their own room?

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BellaCB Thu 08-Mar-12 15:37:02

DD is 6 weeks old and we're wondering about moving her into her own room in the next few weeks. Partly this is because she will soon be too big for her moses basket, as she's a long baby, and we can't fit the cot into our room. But it is also partly because she is so incredibly noisy! DP and I are struggling to get decent sleep even though DD is (blissfully) at the moment sleeping from 8pm-3.30am. She's not too noisy when we go to bed, but after her 3.30 feed she snorts and grunts and does this really odd stretching manouevre complete with enormous groans, even though she is asleep - which keeps us awake! We've tried all different ways and times to settle her after this feed but nothing has altered the noises, its obviously just something she does. Also, DP and I go to bed and wake up at different times most nights so I wonder if we are disturbing her.

Anyway, because we don't have a spare room, or room for a spare bed in the nursery, I'm starting to wonder about moving her into her own room. The doors with be open so we will hear her when she gets unsettled (as opposed to just snorting!). Has anyone else moved their LO over at 8-10 weeks-ish?

BikeRunSki Thu 08-Mar-12 15:40:53

Both at nine weeks. We all slept a lot better.

GinPalace Thu 08-Mar-12 15:42:09

I know a couple who did this for very similar reasons - they have no regrets.

We moved ds at 3 mo as that was when he outgrew his basket.

It took me about an extra 3 secs to get to him if he needed me and I could still hear of he did so I don't see the problem. smile

GinPalace Thu 08-Mar-12 15:42:23

if he did

Magicrabbit Thu 08-Mar-12 15:56:38

We did the same! Our ds outgrew the moses basket quickly. We initially put the moses basket in the cot in his own room (he was 6 wks), to test the water to see how he'd be in the other room - he was fine. Then we took him out of the basket and into the cot itself, in the other room. Again, no problems. He slept better and didn't wake himself up every time he waved his arm around, as he was in the basket in our room!

All I can say is it worked fine for us x

exoticfruits Thu 08-Mar-12 15:58:04

Yes we did-everyone slept better.

TheOneWithTheHair Thu 08-Mar-12 15:59:57

I know a lot of mums who have done this. One from birth and she's a gp. It seems that parents and baby both slept better. I see no harm in it.

mohara Thu 08-Mar-12 16:00:56

Yes, another Mum here who was going mad with lack of sleep due to a snuffly, wriggly, baby!

DD2 was in her own room at 6 weeks and we were all much happier! Room was right next to ours and the baby monitor was on high sensitivity smile

Ragwort Thu 08-Mar-12 16:02:16

Yes a lot earlier than 8-10 weeks grin, I know I have been saying this for 11 years on Mumsnet and perhaps it is just a coincidence but I have never, ever had a problem with my DS getting to sleep. He always 'went to bed' properly at 7pm (rather than being allowed to fall asleep in a moses basket in the living room) from the day we bought him home from hospital.

gegs73 Thu 08-Mar-12 16:03:12

We put DS2 in his own room after about 12 weeks as he outgrew his moses basket and was very noisy. The other thing if you don't want to move her just yet is to get some earplugs. I used to wear one for a while. Blocked out shuffling noises but anything louder than that which I needed to hear I did.

hazeyjane Thu 08-Mar-12 16:08:05

I think the recommendation is for 6 months in your room, because this can reduce the risk of SIDS. The idea is that at a very young age babies breathing is regulated by our breathing, so keeping them close is a good idea.

Would a crib fit next to bed? Also earplugs good to block out worst of the snuffling!

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Thu 08-Mar-12 16:11:00

We moved dd1 into own room about 10 wks and best thing we ever did everyone slept much better. As a mum you have one ear permanently open and the slightest snuffle or movement and your awake. If the door is open you will hear if dc is properly awake and needs you or just get a monitor. smile

loveisagirlnameddaisy Thu 08-Mar-12 16:11:12

I didn't because I was worried about SIDS and the (current) advice is to have them in your room for 6 months. Who knows what the advice will be next year!

I eventually moved my daughter at 4 months because she wasn't sleeping (my partner snores) and I wasn't sleeping because she wasn't. My partner was fine though. smile

A good friend of mine has done it with both and they both sleep well.

I'm not sure I would do it becuase I'd be worried about the cot death implications so probably wouldn't sleep very well anyway.

loveisagirlnameddaisy Thu 08-Mar-12 16:11:56

Sorry, meant to say that I think by 4 months I felt she was robust enough and the main danger had passed (which I think is between 1 and 3 months although I could be wrong).

Kaloobear Thu 08-Mar-12 16:12:12

We did it at 13 weeks as DD had outgrown her basket and we were all keeping each other awake.

BellaCB Thu 08-Mar-12 20:43:03

Thanks everyone! I was worried I was being a terrible mum blush - after lying there for the better part of an hour in the early hours of this morning listening to her groaning I turned to DP and said, "she's got to go into her own room." Then I woke up this morning and felt awful for saying it!

Unfortunately the crib won't fit in our room, but thanks for hazey and gegs for the earplugs suggestion, I might try that first and see how it goes. But its good to hear that other people put their LO's in their own rooms early!

exoticfruits Thu 08-Mar-12 22:09:39

You are a much better mum if you get a decent night's sleep. It is really very unimportant-just do what suits you as a family.

missmapp Thu 08-Mar-12 22:15:02

Both dc's were in their own room from day 1. They were in the next room with a baby monitor.- we slept, I could feed them without having to wake dh so we wern't both exhausted, and it worked for us. However, I learnt early on that this is a very devisive issue and it caused many gasps if I told others , so I soon kept schtum.

happybubblebrain Thu 08-Mar-12 22:23:41

My dd went into her own room at 3 months. We've never had any sleep problems, she's a very sound sleeper. She's never wakes up during the night and she's never wet the bed. I invested in a video monitor which gave me more peace of mind until she was a toddler, I would recommend it.

bonzo77 Thu 08-Mar-12 22:45:39

DS in own room and in big cot from 7 weeks. And sleeping on tummy. Slept 11-7 from 8 weeks. I think when he slept in our room I disturbed him and he me. When he went into his own room he still disturbed me because of the baby monitor -which I slept clutching to my ear-, but he slept better.

BellaCB Fri 09-Mar-12 10:00:39

Thanks exotic! I'm going to go with that logic too...

Right, I'm off to buy a new cot mattress (2nd-hand cot) and a black-out blind, then she can go over in a week or two!

hardboiledpossum Fri 09-Mar-12 11:24:03

I moved DS at 8 weeks and he started sleeping from 8-6 pretty much straight away. Was Bliss but only lasted until he was 7 months. He is now a terrible sleeper at 12 months and has moved back part time into our room!

notso Fri 09-Mar-12 11:42:59

I couldn't ignore SIDS advice, just like I couldn't not put my baby in a carseat, even though he hates it and car journeys even short ones are pretty hellish.

There are loads of people who's DC have been fine, but as the saying goes if my Auntie had bollocks she'd be my uncle.

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Fri 09-Mar-12 12:22:46

I don't think anyone is ignoring the SIDS risk notso and it is a very valid point and something we all consider very carefully. But there is also a risk to baby if neither mum or baby get any sleep due to being constantly disturbed by eachother. There is a real danger to babies who's mums fall asleep with them on sofas and they are so sleep deprived they pretty much just crash and don't wake up the way you would if you were a bit more rested. I guess you just have to weigh up all the risks and do what you feel is best for your family. I did worry when dd1 went into her own room but not as much as I worried about being so tired that I wouldn't wake up if she needed me. ( and please don't read this as having a go at someone it isn't everyone here has very valid points and reasons as to y they did or didn't put children in their own rooms and there's no denying there are risks and worries to each decision) guess it all just proves there is no right or wrong answer here and all we can do is do what we feel is best and we all love our dc and want the best for them smile

alemci Fri 09-Mar-12 12:48:05

yes my DS. He was my 3rd. He started off in my room when he was very small and I had his room ready next door so he ended up in it after 2 nights of being back from hospital. I think I dragged the crib in there in the middle of the night.

It probably seems selfish but I wanted to sleep as much as I could as I had 2 older DD's and he was fine.

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