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how can i change dd3 routine in a week?

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misdee Thu 18-Aug-05 15:47:29

IS IT POSSIBLE? oops. basically dd3 feeds massively between 8.45-9.30pm and sleeps throug hwhich is fab. but on weds i have diet group which is 8.15-10.15pm. i have been trying to express but with her eneding ebm, on tuesdays and thursday as well i'm finding it hard to keep up with demand. on weds she will have a bottle of EBM, but if it isnt enough to settle her she screams blue murder for upto an hour. she wont take formula, wont settle at all. i feel sorry for my parents looking after her at that time of night, and i do miss the bedtime routine if i'm honest.

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 16:32:17

posted on your expressing thread. but in case you didn't see it
try expressing every night after she goes to bed.leave it a while after her last feed. gradually your supply should build up
remember you can freeze it if you won't be using it straight away

also... have you tried feeding her right before you go out on the wednesday? and then bottle tstraight after to top her up?

misdee Thu 18-Aug-05 16:35:59

i fed her for about 30mins last night, she was just dropping off so went top put her in her cot and dd2 woke her up by screeching!! i was seething mad i can tell you.

will work on expressign and freezing each night then. i used to be able to express loads at midnight, but have gotton lazy and havent recently, plus it was getting very late

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 16:40:32

awww, glad i only have the one! lol
i know what you mean about the expressing though.. it's just so boring isn't it
worth it though... specially seeing as she won't take formula!

misdee Thu 18-Aug-05 18:23:00

she used to take formula, but has refused it for about a month now.

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