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Gina Ford's 'Crying down' to sleep?

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Yanka Mon 15-Aug-05 13:19:17

I have read about this method somewhere and am not sure just how it differs from controlled crying - perhaps there is someone out there who tried it?

DD seems to need a good scream before she falls asleep but I really hate leaving her to cry. Sometimes she does settle herself within 10 minutes of half-hearted crying (which I can cope with) but recently we had a few days of absolute hysteria (no matter whether I was trying to soothe her or not)

wendywoos Tue 16-Aug-05 18:50:55

hold old is your LO, the age depends on which sleep method you can use. For example, contolled crying shouldn't be used on a baby under 6 months, there are other less sever methods to use for young babies. I used cc on my daughter when she was 6 months to get her to go to bed with great sucsess! How ever she only just started sleeping through the night at 19 months!
I will say with any sleep training method you need to be consitant. The methods can be a little un-nerving for a baby/toddler and so it's best to stick to something once you have decided on it or the baby will not know whether she's coming or going.
I found with my daughter night 1 was hell, night 2 showed inprovments, night 3 back to hell of the first night, but by night 4 massive improvments.
This website address to gena ford may prove usfull, you can become a member and speed to other mums that use Gina Ford. {smile]

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