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22m old has dropped day time nap & has become a nightmare

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oaktree Sun 14-Aug-05 07:41:51

ever since we gotback off holiday, where he slpet his standard 2 hours at lunchtime like a dream, he has not had a dayitme nap. Have tried putting him to bed later at lunch, waking him early so he is whacked by 12.30, giving him lots of fresh air so he is worn out but all to no avail. trouble is by 3pm he is so grumpy he is unbearable until bedtime (6.30/7pm). he just lies in his bed at lunchtime & sings/shouts/screams.
is there anything I can do or is this the end of my peace and quiet??!

hermykne Sun 14-Aug-05 07:44:58

let him sleep for 1/2 at 3pm, then push bed to 7.30, and gradually work back from 3pm for his nap ???

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