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Mum2Millie Sat 13-Aug-05 09:23:24

My baby is now 3 months and sleeps very well when swaddled, I have read that around 3 months you can stop, I have tried a few times in the day as an experiment but she didn't settle and woke up after half an hour or so fussing etc and didn't sleep well at all in the day yesterday (slept 9 hours at night swaddled though), obviously I intend to carry on trying but just wondered what ages typically a baby comes out of the swaddle successfully!?

bambi06 Sat 13-Aug-05 09:28:17

i`ve heard swaddling up until 6 months sometimes or at least half swaddling but if they sleep well swaddled i would wait a little longer imho,maybe give it a little longer like another month, whats the point of disturbing their sleep when they wave their arms around and knock themselves plus they feel very secure

Yanka Mon 15-Aug-05 11:42:31

We swaddled our DD until 4 months but the more she could do with her hands the more she hated swaddling (even though once asleep she slept well). Eventually I decided not to swaddle her anymore as it got to the point that she would work herself up to a complete hysteria when being swaddled and increasingly often she would get out of our very elaborate swaddle.
Now she doesn't sleep as well as she used to and wakes up once or twice at night, sometimes re-settling herself, sometimes not. I am hoping that she will eventually learn to sleep in her gro-bag and go back to sleeping well at night (and during the day) so for now I just put up with our once again broken nights
If your baby is happy being swaddled, don't unswaddle her - why fix something that's not broken I have heard of babies happily sleeping swaddled until 7 months (I whish our lo was one of them...)

jenweber630 Tue 16-Aug-05 22:29:52

I agree with bambi06 - I lightly swaddled from about 5-7 months and occasionally still do it with 8 month ds every so often when he just can't get settled and it helps. I use a large cotton slightly stretchy thin blanket and just put the blanket under him while I nurse/rock him to sleep and wrap him once he's nearly asleep so when I put him down he doesn't start rubbing his eyes etc. to get himself awake again. You may want to keep trying it!

laughorcry Thu 18-Aug-05 17:58:03

Started a thread about this a while back, here .

DS now twelve weeks and as result of advice on that thread still swaddling, though he's now discovered his hands big time

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