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What tricks to you have to help them get to sleep?

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Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 21:38:54

Without fail, DS closes his eyes as soon as I put my hand over his ear, fingers upwards, and I rub my thumb backwards and forwards on his face. His eys become sooo heavy and then asleep within moments. Bless him. Does this work for anyone else? Or what is your little secret method?

mogwai Tue 09-Aug-05 23:20:51


The hoover. It's my "baby switch" - like switching her off if she's having a paddy!

Switch off and walk away - she's asleep (but wakes up when you switch it off )

SpikeMomma Wed 10-Aug-05 19:27:53

Mogsy! Long time no banter!! So you resorted to the hoover - we use the hairdryer! Same thing, on: asleep. Off: awake. DOH!

Flossam - going to try that one, as having a mare trying to get him to have more sleep during the day. He's getting mega over tired which is stopping him going down at bed time.

p.s Mogwai - least you'll have a clean carpet

mogwai Sat 13-Aug-05 23:28:21

yeah, but Spikey, I bet your hair is better than mine

spidermama Sat 13-Aug-05 23:30:02

I always resort to breastfeeding bu dh can't so he uses certain sure-fire tracks on certain CDs.

tiffini Sat 13-Aug-05 23:32:16

I am so lucky, all 3 of my kids have always got themselves of to sleep with no bother, and they all sleep 12 hours........bliss

Kelly1978 Sun 14-Aug-05 06:45:52

hoover, radio on static, rocking, bfeeding, bottle feeding, stroking dd forehead, mobile...all worked at different times to get the little blighters asleep.

Didn't work last night though, dt1 been up most of night again. Everyone is asleep now but I have a driving lesson in 45 minutes.

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