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Help my 21 month old baby will not go to sleep

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jo1234 Mon 08-Aug-05 22:59:04

My son is 21 months old he has a nap in the day for about an hour and then when it time for bed usually about 8.30-9pm we have a battle to actually get him to sleep, for the last week he has been going around 11pm -12 midnight and waking up at about 7am, he is a dream through the day he has a bottle of milk to go to sleep but has a cup through out the day he is on the go all the time has any one got any tips please

Nemo1977 Mon 08-Aug-05 23:02:43

personally would use pick up put down and be making him go to bed at 8 ds is 21mths and naps in day about 3 times a week but then he always goes to bed around 7.30 and wakes at 6.30

jo1234 Mon 08-Aug-05 23:08:30

Problem with the pick up and put down method as my son doesn't actually go to his bed for sleep until he has fallen asleep down stairs had major problems with that one he was going to sleep himself in his cot but then it was like he was having nightmares wouldn't even go in his room in the day he would start sreaming and shaking as if there was something in the room in the end we had to move him back to our room and make is cot into a cot bed he is now moved back into his room so may be it is worth me trying that method again?

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