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Amount of day sleep for 5 month old

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jambot Mon 08-Aug-05 08:24:03

How much nap time is your 5 month old getting? My dd is 5 months this week. She averages about 3 and a half hours during the day - spread over two longish naps and a shorter nap at about 4:30pm. Bedtime is 6:30 and she sleeps well, but someone told me she is sleeping for too long during the day. Don't see how I could make this less at the moment as when dd wants to sleep she lets me know loud and clear and she would be miserable if I didn't put her down. She normally goes about 2 hours between naps, sometimes slightly longer.

mumfor1sttime Mon 08-Aug-05 08:28:06

Hi, dont think this is too long as my ds sometimes sleeps for 3 hours in a day and he is 7 months. Think it depends on what sort of mood they are in and what sort of day they have had. When I take ds to mum and baby group he sleeps for 2 hours after!

bootsmonkey Mon 08-Aug-05 08:33:13

If she is sleeping well at night then I don't see what the problem is. All babies are different - I say enjoy the peace whilst you can! It'll soon be gone. My DD probably had 2 x 40mins naps at this age - she didn't really dicover the joys of daytime sleeping until she was 18mths. She still has an hour or two most days now at 3.2yo. Go with your gut feel - what would the alternative be??? Wake her up and have a grumpy baby?? If she is happy let her sleep. Would this someone have beena health visitor?? A friend of mine is training to be a HV and gave me a long spiel a while ago about how I shouldn't let my DD have more than an hour nap in the day. Couldn't tell me why though! Sleep is so important to everyone, especially growing babies. HTH

jambot Mon 08-Aug-05 08:42:46

I know I should trust my instinct but when someone who supposedly knows more than you says your child is going to stop sleeping at night if you allow her to sleep so long in the day, then you become a bit paranoid! Silly really. Would rather go with Dr Weissbluth's book on sleep for children [Healthy sleep habits, Happy Child] where he says good day sleep begets good night sleep.

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