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HELP 3 Year old refusing to sleep in own bed

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mandajane2004 Thu 04-Aug-05 18:02:09

My 3 year old who was born at 27 weeks has virtually always slept in my bed due to him being on oxygen for 2 years. I am now trying to wean him out of my bed (have new bf) and he is fine when my bf is here but when we are alone he wakes at around 1am and refuses to go back to his bed and stays in my bed and sleeps well.Anyone got any suggestions that might stop him doing it??

Norash Fri 05-Aug-05 13:15:41

What have you tried? If you said what you had tried maybe people might have suggestions and not get "Tried that". If you know what I mean.

MMG Fri 05-Aug-05 13:57:32

My little boy is 15 months and slept in our bed till he was 12months, then i decided its time to sleep in your own room, he was too big for his cot and never slept well in it anyway so we put him in a single bed with lots if cushions on the floor incase he falls out. I have to stay with him till he falls asleep about 7.30pm then i leave him for an hour, i just keep increasing the length of time i leave him, he is ok till he wakes about 11.30 for a bottle then i have to stay with him again till he falls asleep but gradually he is getting used to it and i keep the monitor on so i can hear what he`s doing, its hard at first as they are so used to being with you and they feel safe when you are there.

It will just take time. Hope this helps

emkana Fri 05-Aug-05 14:06:54

You having a new boyfriend is obviously a big change for him, so if he's okay when your boyfriend is there and leaves you in peace, why not give him the reassurance that you're still "his" when your bf is not around? At least until your ds has got used to the new situation?

mandajane2004 Fri 05-Aug-05 16:34:56

He is fairly good going to bed...we have the usual 3 year old grumbles but its his waking in the middle of the night that is difficult...he wakes up and runs into my room crying and gets hysterical when I try and get him back to his room.I suppose thats what I am really trying to do i do that without him waking the whole neighbourhood...cos when he goes he goes.Ive tried carrying him in in silence and putting him back down and sitting there until he falls asleep but he wakes within 10 mins and is back in my room...should i perservere with this or can anyone suggest something else??

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