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22 months and no more sleep?

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alicatsg Wed 03-Aug-05 11:59:49

DS is slowly killing me - he's started waking between 1-2 and then whining until about 5 when he falls asleep and I lie traumatised in my bed. He's not hungry, not wet, not hot, not cold, has his bear and his dummy.... I go in and do the controlled crying/whining thing and just keep very calm and lowkey but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas or please god tell me this is a phase??

starlover Wed 03-Aug-05 14:54:33

is there something that could be waking him?

yingers74 Wed 03-Aug-05 15:02:09

does he still nap during the day?

TracyK Wed 03-Aug-05 15:02:50

how long has he been doing it? teeth or cold? my ds had been waking about that time being cold. I started putting him back into his babygro and he's nice and cosy now and sleeps longer.

alicatsg Thu 04-Aug-05 14:03:20

about 2 weeks - he has all his teeth and he isn't cold, he's just awake. He LOVES his bed and duvet so I don't think its that and I tried hard to see if there was something waking him last night but couldn't identify anything.

He does nap during the day - usually about 1hr 30 but he really really needs it.

wendywoos Thu 04-Aug-05 16:05:47

There is a chance he could be having dreams/nightmares.
Try reading a nice book before bed so he has the thoughts/pictures of the story in his mind.

I have trouble with my 19 month old daughter. If I give in once she is up more and more each night. What I would honestly suggest if you are completely sure he is comfortable, is to completely ignore the behaviour, don't go in, don't call out, he will eventually get out of it.

My little girl kept on relying on her bittle to get her to sleep and I made around 6 visits per night to her room with her bottle. The last two nights I have ignored her completely and on one occasion she screamed for an hour and a half. Then last night slept through for the first time in months! She did wake in the evening when I made to much noise, but did settle her self.

The other thing is I gathered from your message that he is in his own bed, how long has this been? If its only been a week or so he may have some kind of worry about his bed.

Hope things work out soon. I know what its like at night when they just won't sleep, they seem so much louder and you feel alone, not to mention grotty the next day due to sleep depravation. xx

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