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Do I completely ditch the bottle? (sorry long thread)

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wendywoos Wed 03-Aug-05 10:04:31

My daughter Emily is just about 19 months, she depends on the bottle to get her to bed and to settle her during the night. I wrote a threat on this board and got some good advise to stop using the bottle at night. So yesterday I gave her the bottle in my arms on the sofa, then she went down for her afternoon nap, she created for a while then settled. Same again at night, settled after a minuet or two which was great. The woke around every two hours but I ignored her and she moaned and went to sleep after five-ten minuets. Then at 3.30 she cried for an hour and a half, then finally settled then re-woke at 6.00, ar which point I decided to get her up, sat on the sofa and had her morning bottle. But at least I didn't give in to her and allow her to have it in bed.
The question is do I completely ditch the bottle, cos I'm wondering if she's going to continue to harp on for it all the while she still using them. She doesn't drink all that well with beakers (although its all we use during the day, except for nap time). But she'd soon forget I suppose about bottles. does anyone else still give their toddlers bottles.
It's just that she loves it so much. When I gave her the morning one on the sofa she was shaking with anticipation as it approached her hands, it made me feel so bad. I do know I have to do something and I'm prepared for lots of tears (all round!)becasue its about time she learnt to sleep through, for all involved. Last week she went to sleep by 6.30 (she was soo tired) and slept through to 6.00 ish. So she can do it.
What do you all recon? xxx

wendywoos Thu 04-Aug-05 15:56:59

Just an update to my previous message.

Well last night was night two, and Emily settled almost immedatly, I gave her the milk bottle down stairs then she went to bed. I woke by accident when going to bed later on, but she took about half hour to settle but didn't really cry, just natterd/moaned. This is an improvement to screaming we would ordinarily be used to if I didn't apear with bottle to get her back to sleep. The she slept round to 6.00am. Which is also fab compared to the broken nights of the past, so I'm getting somewhere.
The only thing is how do I ger her out of waking at 6.00 now as she seems to have got into the habbit of doing now.
It's quite nice in away cos I snuggle down on the sofa with her morning bottle and watch GMTV before the caos of morning when everyone else gets up. But I would rather that extra hour in bed!
Any ideas?

tarantula Thu 04-Aug-05 16:20:54

lol theres lots of questions there ww and TBH I dont know the answer to half of them but I didnt want your thread to go unanswered.

I got dd to give up her bottle at 12/13mnths cos I thought the earlier the easier it would be. She now uses a beaker but TBH Im not sure that its that much different just transfering the comfort to something else IYSWIM. If you are happy with her having the bottle downstairs and shes not using it to get to sleep then cant see a problem with it at all. Lots of kids have a bedtime bottle till they are quite old.

If she is waking and stirring and resettling heself then Id say you have certainly done well with the nighttime problems and well done. No idea how to get them to sleep longer tho but Ill be keeping my eye peeled as Id liek dd to sleep in a bit longer too.

Oh and if she doesnt like beakers have you tried just ordinary cups? What kind of beakers have you tried cos kids all seem to like different ones?

tarantula Fri 05-Aug-05 09:57:32

bump anyone else got any ideas to help wendy woos

jabberwocky Fri 05-Aug-05 10:04:10

We're also talking about it here

wendywoos Fri 05-Aug-05 11:55:02

Another update. Thanks for your replys too.
Last night was night three, slept all night and went to be really well. But she woke at 5.30, and I had had a bad night with my 7 year old as she was unwell, and so I thought Im just gona give you milk bottle in bed, so I can get that extra 1 1/2 hour in bed. I was worried it would upset the routine. Then she created for a bit after she had finished, and I just thought I can't get up im sooo tired, so I left her and she went back to sleep until al,ost 7.30. So what i'm gona do tomorrow when she wakes 5.30/6.00 im gona ignore her as I did a few nights ago (which worked)and see how that goes. Its just that she might cry 3/4 of an hour so I'd be no better off, just more stressed. Either way, its got to be worth a shot ehh?
I just put her down for her day nap even with-out the bottle down-stairs and she settled first time.... yerrr! So we have come on leaps and bounds in a few days. I can finally see a light at the end of that long dark tunnel of sleepness nights!xx

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