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Am I getting enough sleep?

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Lizita Mon 01-Aug-05 19:59:46

I'm fed up of feeling tired & of moaning about feeling tired cos I'm one of the lucky ones -dd is in bed by 7pm and sleeps through till between 7:30-8:30am. But I doggedly make the most of my evenings (though most of them just lazy) and even if I really need an early night I'm not usually asleep till between 11-12. I get woken up about 6:30am by the neighbours upstairs (who also have a baby! ;) ) so I suppose I get about 6.5 hours sleep a night. I just have never felt like I've ever got on top of myself sleep/energy wise since having dd. I used to live for my weekend lie ins and now I don't have them I really struggle. If I go out of a night it takes me at least a week to recover.
My boyf (not dd's dad or living with us) suggested today that maybe there's something else I should be worrying about, like anaemia or something. I told him I'm a single mum & single mums just have tiring lives, but he reckoned i was being pessimistic and that in black & white it looks like I have plenty of time to recuperate!
What do you all think?

helsi Mon 01-Aug-05 20:00:27

no you are not. In my opinion. this sounds just like me and I need more!

Lizita Mon 01-Aug-05 20:07:50

Thank you! Driving me nuts that my boyf just doesn't understand. Although he has a point when he says "Just get an early night!"

hunkermunker Mon 01-Aug-05 20:11:34

Go to bed earlier. I usually don't get to bed before midnight or later and I know I'm not getting enough sleep.

I went to bed at 8.30, read for a bit, and was asleep by 10.15 the other night. Felt AMAZING when I woke up. Keep meaning to repeat the experience, but haven't got round to it yet... Maybe tonight!

Lizita Mon 01-Aug-05 20:16:49

yeah i keep meaning to go to bed earlier and there was one amazing week I managed it nearly every night, to be asleep by 10pm, but tbh although I feel much better during the day I end up feeling resentful about having the only time to myself taken away from me. It's silly really cos i don't really DO anything much in the evenings!

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