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Sleep Noises ... Normal for the nightime ????

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lovinit Mon 01-Aug-05 12:32:01

DD2 is 5 weeks and makes these ridiculously vocal, loud grunting noises as if she is trying to clear her throat the whole time. This mainlyhappens throughout the night (!!!!urrggh!!!)) and when she is waking up ...

Has anyones experienced this ? I thought that she had reflux, has had medicine for it but no change . Is this normal ? Does she have phlegm ? Will it go soon ?!! I am afraid that it is her trying to wake up , which pretty much means that she has her night and day totally switched as she sleeps really heavily during the day and takes much effort to wake up and keep awake especially after a feed ...

bakedpotato Mon 01-Aug-05 12:51:38

Both my babies made terrible grunting/groaning/spluttering/clicking noises whenever they were asleep (which is why we booted them both out of our room at soon as we possibly could). Most of the time, it seemed to mark the point at which they surfaced out of one sleep phase and went into another, so I wouldn't assume it's a waking-up sound.
Babies are really noisy sleepers IME. I'd much rather share a room with my 3-yr-old than my 6-mth-old.

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